Maybelline Color Drama Velvet Lip Pencil Review

Maybelline Color Drama Velvet Lip Pencil Review // Maddie's Beauty Spot

Hi again, you may have seen these pencil/lipsticks hyped up on Youtube (I imagine Maybelline is sending them out to Youtuber’s as well), and at $9.95 each in Australia, I had to give them a go. These pencils were released in the UK, and USA about 6 months ago I believe, however, they only came to Australia in February so they’ve been quite awaited!

I purchased 3 of mine from Coles Supermarkets 2 weeks ago, as I saw they had 30% off Maybelline products, however they only stock a limited selection of 3 (keep an eye out for it, it seems to be about once a month!), and the other 3 I purchased last week at Priceline’s biannual 40% off Cosmetics sale! As you can probably tell, I’m more of a pink, and plum lips kind of girl, and I didn’t pick up any of the Red or Orange available. Word on the street is that these pencils are dupes for the Nars Velvet Lip Pencils, but at $35 each, I know which one’s I’m picking for value!

At Coles I purchased Nude Perfection (A dupe for Velvet Teddy by Mac I would say!), Minimalist (My sister returned to purchase her own last week), and Fuchsia Desire as they are the only colours they had. I had to give them a try at home straight away and I was extremely surprised to see how well they glided on and stayed on! These things have serious staying power! I found Nude Perfection and Fuchsia Desire to have a matte effect on my lips (Stayed about 3-4 hours, and left a stain after eating), whereas Minimalist has a shimmery setting, and lasted about the same time as the others.

From the Priceline Sale, I purchased 3 more that I had been hankering after: Berry Much, Pink So Chic, and Love My Pink! They are all of the Matte effect in my opinion, however, I found Love My Pink to be quite a bit sheerer than the others, and a lot more opaque. It also has a little bit of sparkle in it as well. I found Pink So Chic and Berry much to be almost the same colour on my lips (I did the top lip PSC and the Bottom BM), although many Youtubers said they found Pink So Chic to be very blah, and not overly exciting. Is anyone else loving darker berry colours right now for Autumn and oncoming Winter? Berry Much and Mac’s Rebel, are easily going to be my go-to’s I can already tell!

Maybelline Color Drama Velvet Lip Pencil Review // Maddie's Beauty Spot