A Primer Wardrobe for both Eyes and Face

My Primer Wardrobe, for Oily, Dry and Combination skin!


Recently I’ve experienced the drastic change of my skin’s texture from the weather. I’m not sure why it was so dramatic a change, as the weather in Brisbane is not really that cold in comparison to other states or countries! My skin as a teenager was always extremely oily and acne prone. My skin in the last nine months has been flaky, dry and still a little acne prone! I’ve combatted this with regular exfoliation, a super moisturising mask, and thick moisturiser.

This is why you often need a primer wardrobe, as you need to change your makeup during the year, just like skincare!

Now that it’s warming up again, I’ve noticed my skin cannot decide what to do at all! The bottom half of my face is dry and flaky, and my forehead is oily. This means I tend to use multiple primers at once to put my best face forward.

My Primer Wardrobe, for Oily, Dry and Combination skin!

First off, I used to use religiously, the NP Set Primer in Calming Green ¬†which is supposed to sooth red spots on your skin, however, it wasn’t huge in the mattifying department. This primer is quite moisturising, and comes in a thick tube, with loads of product! NP also make a few other primers, in different formulas such as the Brightening formula in a purple tube. This primer retails for $33 but doesn’t seem to be available online anymore, but check in your local Target.

The next Face primer I purchased was the Too Faced Primed and Poreless primer from Mecca Maxima, for $44 currently. This primer is oil free and feels so smooth and numby in your fingers! It seems to work quite well, smoothing out on your skin, but I definitely wouldn’t say you’re completely poreless while wearing it. This primer feels really nice on your skin, and doesn’t add any oiliness to your skin.

The most recent primer I have purchased is the Hourglass No.28 Primer Serum, which was recommended to me by the girls in my local Mecca as it’s a great Winter serum to use to re-moisturise your skin as it is a gel like substance which sinks into your skin and gives you a fantastic glow under your foundation! I use this primer from my undereyes downwards, and the Too Faced primer on my forehead. This primer is pretty exxy at $32 for just 8ml, which seems ridiculous… until you see how much you actually use! I have used probably a 10th of this primer in the almost two months I have owned it, whilst using it every day. I don’t feel like it’s obscene to purchase such a small product for the quality you get.

My Primer Wardrobe, for Oily, Dry and Combination skin!

For eyes, I only purchased my first eyeshadow primer in January this year, the Sephora Eyeshadow Primer. I find that my eyeshadow tends to crease a bit whilst wearing this, unless the eyeshadow is particularly dry, such as my Urban Decay shadows. It tends to crease with my Too Faced Shadows as they are more pigmented. This primer was quite cheap, at $14USD.

My other eyeshadow primer I’ve purchased is the Too Faced Standard Eyeshadow Insurance which retails for $29 at Mecca Maxima. I first purchased this after trialling it in my April Beauty Loop Box, however, I find that sometimes I’m disappointed with it as it tends to go very watery. I have trialled storing it standing up and find that the texture improves a lot. Eyeshadow does last a lot longer with this primer, so I do feel it is worth the money, however if I forget to store it standing up, it is almost unusable.

I also have just remembered that I have loads of samples of each of the Urban Decay Primers to use up, which came with my Naked Palette’s, I should get to it! From memory, I’ve only tried the original and I didn’t find it overly special.

What are your go-to primers each season?