Battle of the Concealers: NARS, MAC, and Maybelline

Mac Pro longwear vs Nars Radiant creamy concealer vs Maybelline Age Rewind

Oh concealers, how we need you but how we loathe the strife you cause us! I can’t be the only one who cringes at the thought of concealer shopping, as it’s the never-ending search for the perfect colour for highlighting, for concealing dark circles, for covering blemishes and for covering patchy red skin! Today I want to talk about my path to the right concealer for me, and the pros and cons of each of these concealers.

I’ll preface this by saying that I have a quite neutral skin tone with slightly pink cheeks, and one of those annoying complexions where it’s true combination skin. My nose is dry, patchy and flaky at the best of times, my forehead and chin are quite oily and my cheeks are fairly normal. I like concealer to cover my under eye circles, tidy up my eyeshadow and cover any redness around my nose. I don’t tend to get acne, but when I do I just use more foundation in them.

On to the concealers:

Nars Radiant Creamy in “Vanilla” RRP: $35
This concealer is a new one for me, and to be honest, after reading loads of rave reviews I initially wasn’t that fussed on it. I wear the shade “Vanilla”. After using it for awhile, I’ve definitely seen the benefits.

Mac Pro longwear vs Nars Radiant creamy concealer vanilla vs Maybelline Age Rewind


  • Fantastic applicator! Honestly, can choose exactly how much product goes on my face, and precisely apply it also. The applicator also ensures no wasted product!
  • Blends really well with my Beauty Blender, much better than a brush.
  • The product lasts all day once I set it, and doesn’t transfer when I rub my face without thinking.
  • Colour range is pretty fabulous, covers absolutely everyone’s skin tone. I say almost because as usual there is not a wide range of darker tones.
  • Plastic container, much less likely to break than other glass ones!
  • You get heaps of product for the price (6.5ml).


  • Applying with a brush generally didn’t work for me, it became really cakey and obvious on my skin and I felt embarrassed as soon as I saw myself in the mirror during the day, however when I used my fingers or Beauty Blender, the result was much more flawless.
  • It does tend to crease on me under eyes, however, I have super creasy skin under there and once set, honestly feels like silk!
  • Expensive, but if you find you get better results from high end as I generally do, go for it!
  • It’s not overly buildable, it tends to cake on me.

Overall: 9/10. I genuinely love this concealer, despite our teething issues with the application, and feel that it’s 100% worth the heavy dollars it costs here in Aus (Actually hardly anything compared to the US where it’s about $31 after tax + exchange rate etc). If you’re after something that will last you a long time, be value for money and be a good colour match, this is the one for you. The only loss to me is that it doesn’t fully cover my under eyes, and it’s not overly buildable, it tends to cake when this happens.

Mac Prolongwear in NW20:
This was the very first concealer in my collection, back when I was a teenager. I’ve always been matched to NW20 in it, even though my foundation in Mac is matched to NW18 which I find strange. Anyone else has this issue? This foundation is so many people’s holy grail and I have to admit it’s pretty awesome! It’s so popular on Youtube and in the social sphere, however, I’ve been using it since long before Instagram existed.

Mac Pro longwear nw20 vs Nars Radiant creamy concealer vanilla vs Maybelline Age Rewind


  • Heaps of product for what you pay will last you a year pretty much (9ml)!
  • Colour range as usual for MAC, is fantastic, something truly for everyone with about 4858584 billion shades.
  • Stays on really well and lasts pretty well throughout the day with being set.
  • Covers my under the eye as well as the Nars one, I find these two are often pittedĀ one another.
  • Super creamy consistency, suitable for all skin types but particularly oily as it dries down quite a satin matte.


  • The packaging!! Can I get a HELL YEAH in here? The whole pump idea is so ridiculous as you get enough product in one teensy small pump push to entirely cover about 3 faces… not just the circles and blemishes on your face. I recently read somewhere that people pump out a bit at a time into a small sample container and just use that. Honestly, I felt I could appreciate it a whole lot more when I wasn’t distracted or dismayed by the shoddy packaging. Do it, people, your life will change!
  • Also on packaging, the glass bottle is pretty precarious, don’t drop it or you might cry over wasted dollar dollars.
  • Again, high-end level pricing for a high-end product. In my opinion, high-end products are the best for my skin generally and the product lasts so long that it’s really no extra cost over time.
    Mac Prolongwear Concealer packaging alternative

Total: 8/10. The packaging on this one just lets me down, if I haven’t cleaned out my sample pot so I can refill it with this goodness, it just doesn’t get used and I go to another concealer instead. I don’t know how they haven’t changed it already, they get so many complaints everywhere! The wasted product makes me want to cry ha!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Fair
I wanted to love this one, I really did. I spent hours and hours reading reviews and finally decided to purchase it in the Priceline 40% off cosmetics sale back in March. Even at only $11.87, I still felt scared about buying a concealer I couldn’t get tested on me first. That’s one thing for sure I love about high-end products, there’s someone knowledgeable to help you in testing and colour matching. I got matched with a girl in Priceline to this in the colour light, a bit off! I decided to buy Fair instead.

Mac Pro longwear nw20 vs Nars Radiant creamy concealer vanilla vs Maybelline Age Rewind fair


  • Packaging is pretty good as it’s a plastic bottle, I actually enjoy the sponge although I worry about the hygiene of it since I can’t clean it.
  • I feel like the highlighting shade could be good for those with dry skin, however, I can’t find it anywhere so it may not be available anymore.


  • My biggest gripe with this concealer is that the finish seems really greasy to me. No matter whether I set it or not, the concealer seemed to slide off my face during the day and make the rest of my face seem patchy.
  • Colour range is very poor. There’s literally Fair, Light and Medium. That’s it!
  • I found the product to not set it very well. Often sitting on top of my skin really obviously.
  • I didn’t find it to erase dark circles any better than a general high end one, or any other concealer I’ve ever tried really. Fail!
  • Boy oh, boy did it settle into creases! Like, why would I bother putting something on my face to “conceal” blemishes when it only amplifies them?!

Total: 5/10. Was not really a fan of this one and found it really disappointing, to be honest. The finish of the product was really not what I was expecting and has put me off drugstore concealers a bit.

Overall, It’s a close battle between my two favourite high-end concealers, with Nars winning because it’s packaging is just 150% better than MAC. Hopefully, MAC changes it one day! If you’re looking for a great little concealer, these two have really impressed me. Had you heard about putting your MAC into a smaller pot for everyday use? Let me know your feelings and favourites in the comments!

Mac Pro longwear nw20 vs Nars Radiant creamy concealer vanilla vs Maybelline Age Rewind fair