Beauty Blender Collection and Review!

Beauty Blender Beauty Blender Pro Beauty Blender Minii

Just like everyone else, once I heard there was a sponge that could make you look airbrushed, I had to be involved! Since then I have been obsessed with my little Beauty Blender Pro (Black One), and very recently picked up the original Pink Beauty Blender, and also the Green Beauty Blender mini’s.

The Beauty Blender is a small, semi egg shaped sponge that was created by a makeup artist, Rea Ann Silva, to get the Hollywood celebrity effect of airbrushed skin. The Beauty Blender is very porous and therefore, easy to ‘bounce’ around your skin and yet not absorb much product. Beauty Blenders are designed to be used damp, by soaking it under a tap, squeezing the excess out, and bouncing it in a towel so it’s perfectly damp. Crystal Conte, one of my favourite YouTubers has a great video if you’re unsure here.

I first picked up the Black Beauty Blender Pro in March, after wanting it for awhile and regretting not picking one up in the States in January! I got the double pack to split with my sister from Luxola Boutique as they had a free shipping code for the weekend, and new members received 15% off when they signed up! It was about $18 for each BB, which is great value as in the States they pay $19.95 each one at Sephora, even though it’s obviously better value to purchase the dual set and split it, or save one for later.

The Black Beauty Blender Pro when wet, gets fatter in general, and I think personally, it is more porous, leading it to be lighter when applying product and leads to a great finish. It also helps to make your coverage slightly lighter, as you can always go back over later if you prefer a heavier coverage. This BB also stains less, as it’s black. My BB Pro is still in perfect condition (currently dirty however), even after 5 months of use! I wash it every week generally with my Lush body washes and that’s usually enough to get the stains out.

The Pink Beauty Blender, which I just received a few weeks ago, I have found to be denser, and stains really easily! The very first time I used it I managed to get a huge foundation stain on the bottom which sucked! I received a sample size Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser with this one (part of why I purchased it, I was curious after hearing such positive things about it!), my final review of the Cleanser however, it’s just an expensive soap. Glad I got it for less than $4 difference to a regular Beauty Blender! I have found that the original Beauty Blender seems to pick up more product, as it’s more dense and the finish is pretty much the same. This was $27.5 from CCACosmetics.

The Green Beauty Blender Mini’s I actually haven’t tried yet but they are just so cute! I picked these up (They come in a pack of 2) with my Pink BB, just because I wanted to have a go with them for things like concealer. I’m looking forward to trying them out this weekend, but I have heard that they are super similar to the original BB, this means they might hold onto product a bit more and the light colour means they might stain. These were $19.50 from CCACosmetics.
Beauty Blender Beauty Blender Pro Beauty Blender MiniiOverall, I love my Beauty Blenders and I recommend anyone to pick them up at their next opportunity! Recently, in Australia, Beauty Blender signed an exclusive deal with Sephora (of which we currently have 1 store in Sydney (around a 13 hour drive/1.5 hour flight) from where I live, soon to be 2 stores in Sydney) which isn’t easily available for most of the country. This is disappointing for all the smaller retailers Australians used to purchase their Beauty Blenders is now not going to be available once they run out of current stock! Pick yours up now before you can’t anymore 🙁 I got my Pink and Green BB’s from for a pretty reasonable price.