Beauty Blender Pro vs. Cheaper Dupe

Beauty Blender Pro vs. Kit Cosmetics Blending Sphere // Maddie's Beauty Spot

Hi everyone, about 5 months ago or so, I first heard the hype from many Youtubers (Shani Grimmond, in particular) about the Beauty Blender. The Beauty Blender Pro (Black) is a small, egg shaped sponge used to apply cream and liquid foundations, blushes and concealers. It’s designed to be used damp. To best achieve this you are supposed to soak the sponge, then squeeze the water gently out, then bounce it a few times on a towel to achieve the perfect dampness.

The Beauty Blender is difficult to come across in Australia, and until recently could only be purchased online (Sephora Sydney stocks it, I am told. But they don’t ship within Australia, so if you don’t live in Sydney then online is the way to go!). I myself purchased mine online from, when they had free shipping, in addition to about 15% off for new shoppers. I bought the dual pair of Beauty Blender Pro’s and gave one to my sister. I think it came to about $38AUD for both, pretty damn good, as when I was in America recently, they retail for $19.95USD which came to about $25AUD each!

Beauty Blender Pro vs. Kit Cosmetics Blending Sphere // Maddie's Beauty Spot

Before I purchased the Beauty Blender, I purchased a well-known Australian Dupe: the Kit Cosmetics “Blending Sphere“(Pink) for $14.95 from Mecca Cosmetica. To begin with the Blending Sphere is a lot ‘cushier’ than the Beauty Blender, therefore soaking up a lot more product than the Holy Grail Beauty Blender! The Blending Sphere didn’t seem to work better wet, as in, the results were the same wet and dry, my makeup just seemed dewier and less coverage was achieved.

Recently, I was washing my Beauty Blender (Which I do with my Lush Body Wash in Snow Fairy, yum!), gently as I always am, and decided to wash my Blending Sphere as I hadn’t used it in a few months, since I purchased my Beauty Blender. The Blending Sphere was difficult to wash from the word go! Because it is quite a bit thicker in the sponge, it takes a lot to work through any soap etc, and even massaging the product in and squeezing it out with the same pressure as my Beauty Blender caused firstly a few small rips, then a huge rip, right in the centre! 24 hours later, the Blending Sphere sponge is still not fully dry, and still quite large in comparison to the Beauty Blender in the same photo.

Both sponges are designed to be used by ‘stippling’ (bouncing) the sponge into the product on your hand, then onto your face, rather than dragging it across as you would with a brush. It is supposed to give a somewhat airbrushed look, which I found worked with my Beauty Blender, but not with the Blending Sphere as it just absorbed heaps of product.

Beauty Blender Pro vs. Kit Cosmetics Blending Sphere // Maddie's Beauty Spot

Overall, I highly recommend the Original Beauty Blender, if you keep an eye out online, you may find yourself a great deal (It’s often better to buy a pack of two and keep one for later/go halves with someone, much cheaper than individually). Other sites that sell the Beauty Blender are, quite reasonably, and I found to be very fast (about 3 days shipping, and it’s coming from Singapore!) for an original. For only a few more dollars than Mecca’s edition, it’s hard not to justify purchasing the original. It’s hard to believe that this little sponge has changed my makeup look so drastically, but I am incredibly impressed!