Beauty Bloggers Made Me Buy It

Beauty Bloggers Made Me Buy It

I was a passionate beauty lover before I started blogging, which is why I started this corner of the internet. However, that doesn’t mean that beauty blogging hasn’t influenced a few purchases in its time. I’ve listed just a few below.

Urban Decay Naked palettes

These were my first high-end palette, and first palette purchase full stop, really. I picked up Naked Basics 1 in Sephora Hollywood, then Naked 2, 1, and 3 when it landed in Australia at the end of March 2015. I’ve since given Naked 2 away to my mum as she loves cool tones, and she impressively shows me the shades she is wearing whenever I see her now. A much better home for that palette. I think these are great starter palettes as quite a variety of looks can be performed with them, and they’re all neutral so they will go with everything. Considering I was moving into full-time work in a corporate setting when I bought them, they were a worthy investment for me. Urban Decay is cruelty-free.

MAC Lipsticks

I went through a phase where I had a list of “wants” as long as my arm! Thankfully, that phase has passed and although I purchased about 28 lipsticks in that time, I have since sold many and only have about 15 of my favourites right now. As I am going cruelty-free, I won’t be repurchasing these and I’ll be having to find replacements for my favourite colours. I hope to have a smaller collection still of future brands. These lipsticks come in a variety of finishes and a massive amount of colours that I am positive you will be able to find your perfect shade if you’re not cruelty-free.

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer

When I first bought this, I didn’t see the hype. I still don’t see eye to eye on the hype with other bloggers, but it is not a bad little investment for the price. A little pricey for the 10ml or so at $30, you need so little product that it will last you a fair while. This primer keeps foundation on your skin for the most part and smooths over your face which is wonderful for a foundation. It also looks quite luxe so there’s that! Hourglass is cruelty-free.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I didn’t see the hype at all with this one, and I think I actually included it in my “disappointing products” post a few years ago. I retract! I still don’t love it at first open, but once it has dried out a little, I find it’s very good at lengthening and voluminising my lashes. The mini size is perfect for me.

Hourglass Blushes

My favourite blush formulas of all time! These manage to be colourful, flattering, long lasting, cruelty-free, and luxurious. These last ages and I am going to have some tough decisions to make regarding the upcoming holiday releases since I haven’t purchased one in a few years!

Nars Sheer Glow

I really loved this foundation and I really wish that Nars has remained cruelty-free. This foundation is a great everyday foundation, and you can even apply it with your fingers!

Too Faced Melted lipsticks

I quite like the formula of these as they are pigmented but not super matte and drying, which leads me to my next point in that they are not transfer proof. The sponge tip applicator gets a bit grimy as well. They are reasonably priced and I would definitely repurchase those I have used up.

What have you been influenced to buy by beauty bloggers?

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  • Sometimes it’s just too hard to resist! I was definitely influenced to buy the ABH Renaissance palette… luckily I love it!!
    Isabella |

  • Totally the Naked palettes! All of them were influenced by beauty bloggers/vloggers. The Morphe 35O, Benefit Roller Lash, omg so many products! xx

    Carolina’s Makeup Life

  • It’s funny to think about it because I wasn’t really that into beauty before I started watching and reading beauty content online, so basically every beauty product I own I was influenced to buy it by a blogger or YouTuber because I always look for reviews and second opinions on products before buying them, haha.

    I’ve bought or tried everything you’ve mentioned except I only got a sample of Sheer Glow and it didn’t work for my oily skin, but literally everything else I bought because I’d heard it was good. Although they’re not CF (which I’m not), MAC lipsticks are still such a thing and they still have probably the most reliable and impressive colour range of any brand, and people still refer back to them all the time. I guess because they’re consistent and their permanent collection has stayed the same for so long, while so many other brands launch new lines every 6 months and discontinue old ones, but MAC lipsticks are still some of my faves, especially when it comes to nudes.

  • Discovering beauty blogging was definitely life changing and has helped me improved both my makeup and skincare tremendously! I remember before I started reading blogs and watching YouTube, I’d just buy any old thing from Priceline and hope for the best, haha.

    The Urban Decay Naked Palettes are such a cult classic! I own 1 and 2, though I really haven’t taken an interest in the rest of them. I feel like they were first truly great palettes for all us neutral eyeshadows lovers and especially during those early years when MAC was all the rage and it was quite expensive to build a custom palette for yourself. I still get the most use of my custom MAC palettes, but every time I go back to the Naked Palettes, I remember how great they are. MAC lipsticks, Hourglass blushes and NARS Sheer Glow are all holy grails for me too. MAC is the brand I own the most lip products from because like Jess said, there’s such an amazing colour variety and so many different finishes too. Nowadays, I’m not as loyal to MAC, but I still absolutely love what I do own from them. Velvet Teddy is my all time favourite nude shade, while Ruby Woo is my favourite red!

    Tenneil | Like Neon Love