Four Tips To Declutter Your Makeup

Four Tips To Declutter Your Makeup // Maddie's Beauty Spot

Lately, I’ve been trying to take a more minimalistic approach to owning and using makeup. You might have caught my last post on decluttering your makeup here. Last time I talked through the reasons I had chosen to adapt my collecting habits to a more minimalistic approach, this time, I’d like to talk through some steps you can take to freshen up your collection!

Step One:

Take everything you own from your collection and place into sectioned piles, for example, foundations together and blush together. This will allow you to see what you actually own, some of us have so much we’ve forgotten!

Step Two:

Go through each section separately and take the time to pick each item up and evaluate the pro’s and con’s of it to you. Decide if you really love having it in your collection, or its valuableness to you. Many items I didn’t want to part with, purely because I had spent a lot of money on it. By selling products where you can, you might be able to at least recoup some of the money spent! It’s not worth having something you don’t love that causes you anxiety to have it in your collection from not using it etc. Questions

Questions to ask yourself include:

  • When was the last time you used the item?
  • Do you have a dupe for it in your collection?
  • How long ago did you purchase it/When is it likely to go out of date?
  • What do you like and dislike about the item e.g. the finish, the texture, the colour etc?
Step Three:

Once you’ve sorted which products you’re getting rid of, decide how good of a condition the item is in, can it be sanitised? If it can be sanitised and is in a near new condition, you could definitely sell the item on the Reddit makeup exchange, or one of many Facebook pages. You cannot sell used makeup on Ebay however, it’s against the rules. If you can’t sell the item, still sanitise it and pass it along to a friend who may enjoy it soon. If you are nearly finished the item, don’t feel bad about throwing it out! You loved the product once, and it’s fine to get rid of it if it’s no longer bringing you joy.

Step Four:

Clean up your items and place them back in your collection to enjoy a more streamlined collection. I will have a collection and organisation post coming soon with some ideas to organise your collection.

Do you love organising makeup as much as I do? I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it here!


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  • These are such great tips! I clean out my collection a lot but I still can never keep on top of my lipsticks and nail polishes because I can’t bring myself to get rid of any. The rest of my collection is pretty controlled though, at least for me.

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

    • Thanks Emma! I’ve spend a lot of time in the ‘makeup rehab’, ‘konmari’ and ‘minimalism’ sub reddits lately which have brought a lot of perspective! I still believe in buying what you love (which might be almost everything!), but using it up as well.

      I definitely think I could stand to use my lipsticks and nail polish collection more to justify the amount I have.

  • It always breaks my heart when I have to declutter any of my makeup. But from time to time it’s necessary to do it and your tips are great tips! Definitely helping.
    Michelle Morchella

  • currently decluttering my beauty stash as well, but because of the problematic ingredients in some of my products 🙁

  • Lydia Heimann

    Hi Maddie! I’ve been trying to find a basket like this since coming across this photo on Pinterest awhile back – any suggestions on where to find it?

    xx, Lydia

    • Hi Lydia, I purchased this basket from H&M Home a few months ago in Australia! I have seen similar ones at Kmart, Target and cheap stores.

  • This basket is from H&M Home lovely! I haven’t seen it in awhile but it wasn’t very expensive. Thanks for the post idea 🙂