January Favourites!

January Beauty favourites

First month of the year down! I feel like this year has gone so quickly already… You may have noticed my posts have slowed down on here, that’s because I’ve been so busy lately that I just feel unmotivated to blog. Any tips? I am still loving social media like Pinterest and Instagram though, so head over there to see what I’ve been up to!

This month I want to introduce more than just beauty favourites, and so you can get to know we a little better! I’m not going to create specific categories of favourites, but rather, my literal favourites each month.

I picked up a lot of new makeup this January, thanks to my trip to Singapore and my haul! I am putting myself on a bit of a makeup spending ban for the next few months, excluding my birthday weekend at the end of the month, as we will be attending the EL Corporate Store again and I might spoil myself.


First off, I am loving the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette I bought with my Christmas vouchers for it’s easy wearability. I love the shade’s in it, and I actually like it more than the original Chocolate Bar Palette, which I never saw coming! My favourite shades to wear are browns, and the shimmery shades with those. Not sure I will wear the blue and pink but we shall see!

My next favourite of the month, and a constant in my makeup routine (just reference my MOTD’s on Instagram for evidence!) is the Chi Chi Brow Pomade in Medium Brown. I have previously done a review of this when it first came out, which you can find here. It’s actually my most popular post here on MBS! I love this stuff and I haven’t even used all of the top layer as you need so little. I don’t think I’ll be needing a new one for a very long time.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara has been a big favourite this month, which I picked up last month in a mini set with a blush and a maracuja oil as well. I also received one of this in a set with an eyelash curler as well, so I’m set for a while!!! This mascara has great staying power, doesn’t smudge on me, and the brush is great. It also has a flat back with makes it fabulous for flatlays 😉


For my trip to Singapore last month I picked up a lighter version of my favourite foundation, Estee Lauder Double Wear in Light formulation, in the shade Intensity 1.0. This foundation gives a beautiful finish and is great for when my skin is having a good day, as it’s not so heavy but still gives a lovely finish. Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup recently raved about it as well which made me feel a bit special for picking up!

I was finally able to pick up Urban Decay’s Naked Concealer in Light Warm, it’s been sold out in Australia for at least 8 months with a long waiting list! I decided to pick this up in Singapore, despite it being the same price. I love the creaminess of this concealer, it’s a lot more creamy than my favourite Nars Concealer but it blends out really well and dries a velvety matte. I see what all the hype is about!

The last month I have been trying a bunch of new primers, including Bare Minerals, Hourglass Veil, and Mecca Soft Focus, with the Mecca primer being the stand out so far! It actually blurs my pores more impressively than anything else, and leaves a nice base for my foundation. I will probably pick this up when I finish my generous sample!

Tarte blushes are my favourite formula of blushes, and I already have the Holiday Blush Palette from last year which I love in the shade “Fanciful”. This mini Christmas blush came from a set with the mascara above and also a maracuja oil which I desperately wanted but Sephora Australia doesn’t have their Christmas sets online at all, and with the nearest Sephora being a 13 hour drive away, when I saw what was likely the last pack in Singapore, I jumped at the chance to pick it up! This mini blush is the perfect size!

The last thing for my face this month was the Swisse Manuka Honey mask , which, if you’ve been on Facebook and Instagram you’ll know has been all the rage being classed as a dupe for Glam Glow’s Super Mud. I’ve tried both and I’d definitely say it’s a comparable product considering it is about a quarter of the price… I will be doing a review of this and the Sephora Mud Mask comparing them to the Glam Glow mask, as I have tried and love that!


YSL Black Opium has been my scent of the month as I’ve been trying to use up all my perfume samples in my collection. I loved it so much my sister has bought me a 30ml set from the Christmas range that also has an eyeliner and mascara which I will get at the end of the month so that’s exciting!

I’ve also been loving and using everyday, my fake Nars Yachiyo brush which I bought on ebay for about $3 which was excellent. Obviously, I’ve never tried the real one so I can’t compare, but I can say my blush application has improved ten fold to how it was! Here is a link to this one, however it is a bit more, at $10, but still a good price!

Lastly, a television favourite this month and for the last few was the Teen Mom OG and 2 franchise… it’s definitely a guilty pleasure of mine and I’ve been working my way through Teen Mom 2 for the last few months, and caught up on the latest season of OG this month. Definitely my favourite characters are Chelsea in TM2, and I like everyone in TM OG, I love in the latest season that they can talk to producers and we can see their relationship, I find it fascinating!

Teen Mom OG

I’m going to start having fortnightly catch-up’s on my blog as well, so you can get to know me, as I’ve been loving that lately on other’s blogs!

Lastly, also currently workshopping my blog, and evaluating what kind of content you’d like to see on here, if you could please fill out my 2 minute survey I’d really appreciate it!