Life Lately #1

Life Lately Post // Maddie's Beauty Spot

Welcome to my first installment of “Life Lately”! I’m planning to do these ‘get to know me’ posts once a fortnight, on a Friday. I’m starting today because it is my blog/Instagram’s first birthday! It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this for a year!

I’ve been MIA from this little corner of the internet for the last month as life has been absolutely crazy! Getting back into work after a month off, taking on an additional role at work effectively doubling my work-load, as well as my birthday, and lastly, picking up our puppy! What a month! Craziest month of the last few years so far I think.

Ruby the Beaglier:
Ruby is our newest addition to our family and she is a Beagle cross King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. She definitely has the Cavalier eyes, and similar face but her personality seems more Beagle so far. So interesting to watch! We had to drive around a 10 hour round trip to pick her up but she is so worth it! We started puppy school last week and have got three weeks left. Ruby is already learning to sit! You can follow her on Instagram at Ruby The Beaglier.

Ruby the Beaglier

My birthday was on the 29th February (Yes I am a leap year baby, this was my 6th/24th Birthday party), and I had my old housemates over for a bbq on the Saturday before it. I also redeemed my Mecca Birthday application, I’ll be sharing my experience on Monday! I had an awesome birthday, having the afternoon off work and spending it with my family and Cody.

Blog Anniversary:
My blog has been running for a little over a year now, I’m not sure of the exact date but it was mid March and actually originally had a different home, but I moved over to here in April. My Instagram started a year ago today as it was the Priceline 40% off Makeup sale that day and I also saw the musical Wicked with my uni friends! Thanks for joining me on this crazy adventure, I actually didn’t think I would be able to keep it up this long as I just wanted a creative outlet from applying for jobs! Now there are over 4,000 of you all!
Maddie's Beauty Spot

Lately, Cody and I have been watching the American Crime Story: OJ vs The People (110% recommend! So entertaining), and Making a Murderer (Great start, has a lull in the middle and a good ending), which I guess has added an interest in crime shows. Both of these are in addition to my love for Pretty Little Liars, New Girl, Modern Family and Teen Mom OG + 2. I’ve also developed an unhealthy addiction to the channel HGTV and shows like Tiny House Hunters and House Hunters International…

Thanks for joining me for the first edition of “Life Lately”, I’d love to know what you’ve been up to as well!

  • Aaah, yay! Happy Blog Birthday! And OMG little Ruby is the CUTESTTT!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  • Oh my gooooooosh!!! Ruby is adorable x

    Katina |

  • Happy belated birthday!!! I can totally see the two breeds in Ruby – just gorgeous!!

    xo Kat @ Katness

  • Wow so many things to celebrate!

    Happy birthday! Pretty faciating you are a leap year baby, what day do you usually celebrate on?

    Ruby is adorable 🙂

    • I normally have my main celebrations on the 28th of Feb and a smaller celebration on the 1st March. When it’s a real birthday I only get one though!

  • Great update Maddie! Hope you had a beautiful Birthday, and your new addition Ruby is so so so cute!!! You must be so excited to have her 🙂 I also love watching PLL and Making a Murderer! Good choices x

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats