Life Lately #2

Chi Chi Spices Palette // Life Lately #2

Welcome to my Life Lately #2! My main thing to cover this fortnight is that I feel like I haven’t had a chance to breathe it’s been so busy – should be settling down now.

Cody Leaving:

My partner, Cody left for a month for a work trip this week, so it’s just a girls house with Ruby and I running the show! We’re trying to save our pennies for our own house so it’ll benefit us in the long run, even though it really sucks right now. The time zone difference is my biggest fear as our main chance to overlap throughout our work days is my lunch break here in Australia!


Ruby’s settled in really well, and has almost finished puppy school, with one more week to go. So far she can sit, lie down, stay, and is learning to heel! I took her for her first big walk along Southbank here in Brisbane with my mum and her dog today and we had the best time! She made friends with everyone, is is definitely becoming more Cavalier in her personality breed-wise. We’ve been having endless guests over the last few weeks to meet her which is so exciting!

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General Life:

Work’s been pretty busy, getting back into it after my week off during Easter! We have a few long weekends coming up here in Brisbane in the next month so there’s that to look forward to! I really want to give the house a huge “spring” clean (even though it’s Autumn) and another bit of a declutter again as I would still like to cull a few places down at home.


It wouldn’t be an update without purchases! This fortnight contained the biannual Priceline 40% Makeup sale – I did really well and only purchased exactly what was on my list (or substitutes), which was four nail polishes. I purchased a few cult favourites: Essie Mint Candy Apple, Essie Bikini So Teeny, as well as Essie After Sex, and Sally Hansen Plum’s the Word.
I also just purchased the MAC Pro Palette and insert from the American website as Comgateway (who I signed up with ages ago but never purchased anything) sent me a promo email stating I could get postage for the first 500g for $1 so I decided to take advantage! I also purchased the eyeshadow shades Charcoal Brown, Brule, Wedge, Woodwinked and Amber Lights! Let me know if you have any of these shades let me know! I plan to purchase some Makeup Geek shades: Latte, Bedrock, Frappe, Creme Brulee, Cosmopolitan, Cinderella, Burlesque, Bitten, and Beaches & Cream in the near future. What are you favourites, and recommendations?


The American Crime Story: OJ Simpson vs. The People has been my biggest obsession this last month and the finale aired this week! I’ve been reading recaps quite often and I’m loving how the series has gone with telling the story. In YouTube news, I’ve been trying to catch up with some of my favourite YouTubers like Allana Davison, Rachael Jade, Vivianna Does Makeup, Hello Octoberxo, Josie Gleeson.

Coming up:

I don’t have anything in particular coming up, just my standard working/spending time Ruby and catching up on YouTube/Blogs (I’ve been so out of the loop since going back to work last week!

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