Life Lately #3

Life Lately #3 // Maddie's Beauty Spot

It’s been awhile! What has everyone been up to? I’ve been trying to read Bloglovin’ and keep up with everyone’s social media but I’ve been busy.


So in the last 3 or so weeks I have quit my graduate job, and started a new job as a Marketing Coordinator! I’ve just finished my first week and I’ve been really enjoying learning all about the company, my new role, and meeting my new team, who are absolutely lovely, and so welcoming. Looking forward to being here for quite a while, and gaining more responsibility/skills.


Ruby’s been growing a bit slower thank goodness! I’m so not ready to lose my puppy yet… She has calmed down a lot, and she’s happy to sleep on my lap finally. My mum and I are taking both our dogs to do the Million Paws Walk on Sunday, which will be fun as they get along so well, and I love seeing my mum as well.


Cody is home now, and after a long month, Ruby and I are no longer alone in our house! He had a great time working in the USA, and is getting over the jetlag pretty quickly.


I purchased a bunch of Makeup Geek shadows from BeautyBay recently to go in my MAC pro palette, which also arrived recently! My BeautyBay order actually arrived in just over 2 weeks, which is hilarious, as my friend Chelsea ordered hers around 10 days before me, also in Brisbane, and they arrived on Monday (the day before mine)! I’ll be doing a post on my shades soon! It’s strange but I feel a little weird having shades that are mixed (aka, not a premade palette), as I’m still trying to find combinations which will work for me. If anyone else felt like this, share your favourite shade selections.


I did my very first sponsored Instagram post for Burts Bees in the last fortnight, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, although I wish I had had the opportunity to complete it earlier as the fruit was not as “photogenic” for long. I treated myself to a few pieces from Forever New as a starting a new job treat.

I also used up my Mecca free Beauty Loop application last weekend with Chelsea, and I mostly loved the look. I had wanted to try out the Smashbox Contour sticks but we had forgotten until the last minute (after powder etc), so my makeup ended up looking a bit muddy which was disappointing. Overall though, I loved my look before this, and learnt that my eyes are deep set, and slightly hooded, which has allowed me to learn how to apply eyeshadow a bit better.

I got colour matched again at Estee Lauder for Double Wear, after feeling that Desert Beige was too dark for me a year on (since getting a job in an office :P). I am shade 1.0 in Double Wear Light, and was matched to the shade Cool Bone which seems absolutely fantastic. The sample they gave me was very generous so I won’t need to purchase it for a little while.

What have you been doing recently? What are your favourite MUG shades?

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