Life Lately: October 2017

Life Lately: October 2017

As I mentioned last month, October was always going to be huge! We’ve had a holiday, in-laws visiting, Kinky Boots show at the theatre, and two weddings! To top it all off, Cody and I have both been sick most of the month (since coming back from SG) which is unfortunate and has made some events not as pleasant. I’ll pop a few happy snaps from the month below.


I picked up my correct shade in Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Foundation in Fair Beige, and I plan to review this and my original shade Fair-Light Neutral with Fair Neutral from the Rainforest of the Sea range as they’re vastly different. I also picked up a new Lights, Cameras, Flashes mascara with this order, as you’ll see from the empties post shortly, I have run out! When I was at the airport home from Singapore, I ordered the Hourglass x Mecca birthday collab palette and a new Mario Badescu Rose Water (also featured in my empties…) when Mecca offered three deluxe samples for their birthday which were nice! I also picked up LUSH’s Golden Wonder bath bomb which I am saving for a Christmas post, and LUSH’s Brazened Honey face mask.

I picked up a bunch of pretty things at Sephora in Singapore, mostly minis that I had had my eye on for quite some time! I picked up Too Faced Hangover Primer in mini form, Smashbox Primer Water in mini form, Maui Dry Shampoo Mousse in mini, Becca First Light Priming Filter in mini, It Cosmetics CC Cream in Fair (full size), Becca Moonstone in Poured form (full size), and Kat Von D loose powder in mini).

Cruelty-Free Life Changes:

This month I got ever closer to finishing up foundations which are not cruelty-free. I have just three remaining: Estee Lauder Double Wear, Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick, and Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. ELDW Light has a small amount to go, and I’ve been wearing it constantly to assist, Bobbi Brown’s has about one centimetre to go, and ELDW regular has about 3/4 at least to go as it is new-ish. Mum picked me up a cruelty-free shampoo, conditioner, heat protectant and volumising mousse from the hairdressing supplier, so I am getting closer to being completely cruelty-free in hair! Lately, I have been using LUSH’s Soak and Float shampoo bar as it’s great for dandruff which I’ve always suffered from. Davroe and De Lorenzo are great cruelty-free brands, and can be picked up from Hairhouse Warehouse and Price Attack which makes it easy! I’m not a big fan of Organic Care anymore as I’ve found it dries my hair, and mum has been unhappy with them for awhile.

I decluttered a few more things, mostly from MAC like a few lipsticks as I just wasn’t wearing them anymore and there’s no point keeping them until they go off. I won’t be buying colours similar again anyway. I’ll be selling these on Facebook most likely, or maybe I’ll have a blog sale if you guys would be interested?

Film and Television:

This month on the planes I watched Big Little Lies with Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, and it was brilliant! I highly recommend downloading this show when you can, it’s only seven episodes. It deals with domestic violence and a murder mystery, and I was recommended it by a friend, and my mum, who have different tastes to me for the most part.

The Bachelorette with Sophie Monk wrapped up this month and I have been enjoying her humour and sense of self as she navigates the show. She’s somewhat of a national treasure in Australia, and funnily enough, in 1999 the show which made her famous, “Popstars” was probably the first reality show I ever watched… and now look at me!

In other Bachelor-related news, Bachelor in Paradise Australia was confirmed to be true, and although our beloved Nikki Gogan won’t be on, I will still be tuning in and hoping they can do it justice here!

Stranger Things comes out around now and we may have binge-watched the entire season two by the time you read this! I loved season one and I’m currently trying to refresh my memory and watch a few episodes first.

Riverdale and How To Get Away With Murder have both returned this month, and I’ve been loving both. It’s too early to tell how good the mystery is going to be as both shows are less than five episodes into their mysteries.


I have tried my best to keep up with blogging this month as I knew it would be busy, and I actually had a majority of my posts until the last week pre-scheduled and ready to go by the end of September! Not something I thought I would ever say. I picked up a Muji blank calendar book in Singapore and I have been obsessed! I’ve been writing notes of the posts I’d like to do each month and then planning for two posts a week for the rest of the year, this made me more inspired than ever!


I thought this would be a good category to add in, as I like to see how long I’ve been wanting things sometimes! Currently I am coveting the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting edit which comes out mid November and the matching double ended brush, Ikea’s Micke Drawer unit to go with my desk (Cody tells me I need less stuff and then I wouldn’t need drawers… sigh), four Ribba White Frames from Ikea to finally frame the foiled makeup prints I bought for my room in April but they promptly sold out of and have only just gotten back in. Other than that, I am just replacing items as I need them. What are you wish listing right now?

New In:

  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation in Fair Beige
  • Tarte Lights Cameras Lashes mascara
  • Hourglass x Mecca collab palette
  • Mario Badescu Rosewater spray
  • LUSH Golden Wonder bath bomb
  • LUSH Brazened Honey face mask
  • IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Fair
  • Mecca First Light Priming Filter
  • Smashbox Primer Water
  • Too Faced Hangover Primer
  • Kat Von D Loose Powder
  • Becca Moonstone Poured Highlighter
  • Oaui Dry Shampoo Mousse
  • De Lorenzo Heat Protectant
  • Davroe Anti Dandruff Lotion
  • Natural Look Hair Volumising Mousse
  • Natural Look Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Muji Drawer Set of three
  • Muji Calendar book


  • Rosehip Plus Rosehip Oil + cookies
  • Mint Skincare mask package

Top Picks:

How has your October been?

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  • I’m not CF but that’s great that you’re working your way through your non-CF products. It’s so satisfying when you finish up any kind of product, but especially makeup since it takes FOREVER to do. Also minis are my favourites, I’m such a sucker for them because like it said it takes so long to finish up a product you’re really not missing anything by not getting a full size product, but you save money by doing it. And if you love something enough to finish it then you know it’s good enough to spend the extra on and buy a full size when you need it.

    I’ve heard Big Little Lies is really good but I still haven’t gotten around to watching it, so thanks for reminding me! And the new season of Stranger Things was SO good! My boyfriend and I didn’t re-watch S1 beforehand but now we’re thinking about re-watching both season just because we’re so into it and we finished S2 too quickly, haha.

    • Finishing products has to be up there with one of the most satisfying feelings I think. I am behind on my empties posts at the moment, I need to get a wriggle on! I would like to start an “official” project pan with the products I am trying to use up, I like minis because I get sick of a product and want to try new things too often. I still try to use everything up – but how much easier would it be if highlighters came in minis?

  • I’ve been loving seeing all the brand collabs for Mecca’s 20th birthday and although I’ve never been super into Hourglass palettes (they’re beautiful, but there’s always a shade I know I’d never use!), I’d say this is my favourite out of all the birthday products. I’m probably going to head into the city tomorrow to pick up my Beauty Loop box and get my free full size product. I don’t always get my boxes because I find a lot of them hit or miss, but the 20th birthday box is so cute and I’m still on Level 2, which is surprising and also exciting as I’m most intrigued by the Multi-Purpose Plumping Balm. I really wish Sephora Australia’s mini product range was as good as it is in other countries. Sephora Singapore is amazing! Travel size products are totally the best way to try new things and then if you decide you like it, you know it’ll be worth it to buy it in full size.

    I totally admire that you’re making the transition to cruelty free! It would be frustrating trying to find dupes for your favourite non-cruelty free products and that’s what puts me off, but you’re doing something really great for the animals and they’re just the best. I’d say about 75% of my beauty products are cruelty free and I just read that Hourglass are looking to go 100% vegan by 2020, which is such good news to hear from a luxury brand. Lately, I feel like the industry has been going backwards with NARS and By Terry now selling in China.

    I’ve been hearing such good things about Big Little Lies and it won quite a few Emmys, so it’s on my to watch list, for sure. I’m halfway through Stranger Things and I am LOVING it so far. Hype can be heaps annoying sometimes, but it’s gained such a cult following for a good reason. So many people started and finished the new season so quickly, but I’m probably going to draw it out over the next couple of days because I’ll be so sad when it’s over! I’ve been thinking about getting into Riverdale too, but I’m unsure as I got over the high school drama shows once I finished uni and I found the last couple of seasons of Gossip Girl unbearable! I don’t know if Gossip Girl just got bad or if it was my tastes maturing, but either way, I’m now curious about Riverdale as everyone seems to love it and I hear the fashion in the show is cool too.

    Tenneil | Like Neon Love

    • You’ve just reminded me to actually use my Mecca Plumping cream! It’s still sitting in its box :/ I have been back down to level 2 the last 12 months or so, I miss my extra samples in my beauty loop, and my extra makeup application around this time of year, but I just don’t need anymore stuff than I have (and I certainly don’t need encouragement haha!).

      Yes, I was thrilled to hear that about Hourglass, even though I don’t buy products which are vegan only. Hopefully it encourages more companies to follow suit! There are so many more cruelty-free brands than you realise, I reckon. I first felt daunted and then I realised that most of my favourites (besides Nars and Benefit mainly) were already cruelty-free. Benefit apparently goes around telling customers they are cruelty-free which is just dang wrong!

      Stranger Things was excellent as expected, we powered through it in two days and we’re still reeling from it! Riverdale is better than Gossip Girl in the mystery sense, it’s short and sweet. I loved GG in the earlier seasons, but found the last few the hardest to get on board with… I mean, who’s in such a hurry to get married to someone they haven’t been together with for years… I love Veronica’s style in Riverdale – am thinking I want my hair like hers!

      Thanks for reading!!