Marie Claire Autumn Parcel Review

Marie Claire The Parcel Autumn ReviewIt’s time again for a new “The Parcel” from Marie Claire! You may have read my Summer edition, but if not, you can do so here. I’d totally forgotten that the new parcel would be arriving any day now – and I hadn’t heard anything about it online so I didn’t even realise until I came home to it on my desk! This is the only beauty box I subscribe to, it’s $25 a quarter and is usually deducted from my account in the last month of the season aka: February, May, August, November to arrive in the first two weeks of the season. As soon as I opened the packaging I could smell the MOR Soap, delicious!

Marie Claire The Parcel Autumn Review

In the Autumn box I received:

Total value of the box: $123.52

I didn’t enjoy everything in this box as much as Summer’s box but it was still great value for $25! I absolutely love anything by MOR so I’m looking forward to that one, I don’t use soap (I use body lotion) so it may be used for washing makeup brushes… hey, whatever makes it more fun!

I wish I had gotten a brighter lipstick as this Mauve shade is quite glittery (see the swatch below), my mum might take a liking to it though! And the OPI nail polish is quite a let down for me, as it basically comes out clear on me (check out the swatch below).

I am looking forward to trying the Macadamia Oil as I’ve never tried it before, I’ve seen this brand crop (bad pun, sorry!) up at Coles lately but haven’t heard much about it! Love the idea of the Garnier Micellar water mini for travelling and just general cuteness!

Getting the Estee Lauder serum is reminding me I have around 5 sachets of it in my samples jar to use up first! I need to get on that to see how it goes.

What did you think of the box? Did it live up to your expectations? I’m looking forward to trying out all the new products!

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