Maybelline Color Drama Velvet Lip Pencils Swatches and Review

As you would know from my previous posts, I have been collecting the Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencils since they arrived in Australia in February/March and I’m constantly impressed by their quality and colour range! I know we spell Colour differently in Australia, but I thought I’d go by their actual title, although an American spelling.

Since my last review on these pencils, I have collected all the red’s and the coral colour just to complete my collection, as coral is not so much my colour. I absolutely love the Red’s available though! I often wear these instead of my MAC Ruby Woo as RW is a Retro Matte, aka reapplying after eating or drinking, is a flaky nightmare! Red Essential and Light It Up however, while still a little flaky (blame it on my winter lips), have changed my mind on the idea of wearing lipstick when I’m going to be eating!

I love doing swatches as I find that’s what I google the most when deciding to try a lip colour on myself. Waiting for good lighting when you working full time, leave home in the dark and get home in the dark however, is not a good time! I’ve been taking all my photos at 2-3pm on a weekend to ensure the best possible light and save myself the stress!

maybelline color drama lip pencils nude perfection, love my pink, minimalist, fuchsia desire

L-R: Nude Perfection, Minimalist, Love My Pink, In With Coral, Fuchsia Desire.

My favourite from this selection is Nude Perfection, on me it is a dupe for Velvet Teddy by MAC which I also own but less matte (Great for reapplying throughout the day). Minimalist has too shimmery a finish for me as you can see below.

Maybelline Color Drama Pencils

T-B: Nude Perfection, Minimalist, Love My Pink, In With Coral, & Fuchsia Desire.

On to the Red’s and Orange-Red. I went on a hunt for Fab Orange and have to say it’s the only one I have paid full price for in store, as I loved it and had to own it!

Maybelline Color Drama fab orange red essential light it up

L-R: Fab Orange, Light It Up, Red Essential.

But overall, my favourite red s Red Essential, being a class darker red that is the perfect accessory! As you can tell from the photo above, Light It Up has gotten the least use personally, but it’s still a stunning red!

Maybelline fab orange red essential light it up

T-B: Fab Orange, Light It Up, Red Essential.

Last but not least I have the darker colours in the series, for which I’m truly confused about why one is called “Pink So Chic” when it’s clearly a plum colour, darker than MAC Rebel that’s for sure! I actually wear Pink So Chic a lot, when I thought originally I would get more use from Berry Much. Pink So Chic is a cute colour to wear to work when I’m wearing monochrome 🙂

Maybelline color drama lip pencils berry much pink so chic

L-R: Pink So Chic, Berry Much.

These colours however, are fantastic for winter and so stunning on olive complexions like myself!

maybelline color drama lip pencils berry much pink so chic

T-B: Berry Much, Pink So Chic.

There you have it, all the pencils available worldwide! What are you favourites? All up my favourites are Red Essential, Nude Perfection and Pink So Chic!