Mecca Makeup Application Review

Mecca Beauty Loop Application

I’ve recently had a few makeup applications at Mecca, for example my Birthday Application, a Nars Event held by Nars Artist, Jenny Smith, and my first Makeup Lesson! I’ve absolutely loved all three experiences and getting pampered is just such a treat. You can find these events advertised here.

For my birthday makeup I really had no specific plan of how I wanted my makeup to turn out – I let my friend Jess take over with her creative ideas, as I usually wear my makeup quite lightly. I had mostly Nars products used on me and loved the result! Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to get a face chart made up, which sucks as I loved this makeup application the most since it was so out of my comfort zone, being quite dramatic. The craziest part was that my Makeup Artist’s name was the same as mine, Madeleine, with a similar last name – what are the odds!

The above picture is of my makeup front on, below is of my eyes closed and third is of the amazing highlighter – which I did notice was one of the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Strobing powders. The eyeshadow was Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadows in Desdemona, Subra and Callisto.

Mecca Beauty Loop Application

Mecca Beauty Loop Application

The following weekend I attended a Nars Event at James St Mecca Cosmetica with my friend Chelsea being run by Nars Makeup Artist, Jenny Smith. I went in with no plan of what I wanted on my face but I knew I wanted to experiment with something outside of my comfort zone. First up, we met our Makeup artist (Mine was also called Maddie… small world!) and discussed with Jenny what we wanted to try. Next, our artists used Nars Skincare to cleanse my skin of my current makeup, and got started on our face.

I really wanted to try the Nars All Day Luminous foundation so I had that used on me, as well as eyeshadows from the latest palette. I also had used on me, Luster blush which I purchased, as well as the Hot Sand highlighter which was stunning!

My overall look was bronzey smokey eyes, with a luminous base. I’ve never worn eyeliner under my lashes so that was a first!

Mecca Nars Event

Mecca Nars Event

Mecca Nars Event Face Chart

My makeup lesson was held the following day of the Nars event, and I went in with a good idea of what I wanted to learn. I really wanted to improve my day-to-day work look with winged eyeliner and bronzer/contour. Someone I feel who does this look well is Suzie from Hello October, who really nails the classic look in my opinion, even though some might find that “boring” – it’s exactly what I watch YouTube for.

Mecca Nars Event Hello October

When you have a makeup lesson at Mecca, you should go in with ideas of what you’d like to learn. As you know, I wanted to get some more tips and tricks for my winged eyeliner application as I said in my New Years Resolutions! At a makeup lesson, the artist does one side of your face, and you complete the other side so you can ensure you’re learning. Don’t worry – they won’t let you leave the store with half your face not matching, they’ll fix you up! I loved my experience overall, and the photos are below.

Mecca Beauty Loop Application

Mecca Beauty Loop ApplicationMecca Lesson Face Chart

Overall, I loved my application experience at Mecca and I would recommend it to anyone! I plan to make a real effort to redeem all my applications and lessons now, and to attend more brand makeover days. I also found it really hygienic as well – with clean brushes and disposable items used on me constantly! 

Have you had your makeup done at Mecca? What did you think?

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