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Mood Board: Beauty Room | Maddie's Beauty Spot

I have been wanting to take a little bit of a different direction with my little corner of the internet and feature more content like this, that’s a bit lifestyle and a bit beauty. You can expect more content like this in the future.

I have my own beauty room/office at my house, while my partner and I don’t have any kids, we have an office each! I’ve waited a few years for a beauty room, and although mine doesn’t have exactly these pieces in it, as I picked things up bit by bit rather than all at once.

1. Essie Nail Polish

I love Essie, and it’s my favourite nail polish brand as it doesn’t chip for a few days. It’s available in loads of colours, most permanent but they also bring out seasonal appropriate shades as well. I usually pick up some from my wishlist every time Priceline has a 40% off sale as they’re quite cheap then.

2. Kate Spade Notebook

I love anything by Kate Spade (I currently have a gorgeous rose gold watch I received for my birthday over two years ago) and have ventured to many stores across America and Australia to find her goods. I think I dragged my boyfriend to the Kate Spade store at Melbourne Emporium about seven times when we last visited Melbourne. I heard one has recently opened on the Gold Coast but I’m yet to find it! Similar but cheaper notebooks to these are the rose gold ones from Kmart. I purchased a few of these for work because I fill them up with notes and scribble, but they mark so easily, even from peeling off the label. It’s so frustrating, so I would say it’s worth shelling out a bit more.

3. Kikki K Planner Large (A5)

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Kikki K and planners. I think I’ll do a few planner features on here soon, as it’s become quite an interest to me this year. I purchased my planner (not this blush pink one, unfortunately) two years ago, and it is the “dark cherry” one with golf honeycomb on it. I like to use it to keep track of my life, and I like that it has all customisable inserts, that you don’t need to be restricted to Kikki K on the inside, you can print off A5 sheets yourself, or buy some from Etsy etc. I have mine as a life/blog planner which also tells me when work meetings are, holds “to-do” lists and blog stats and future plans.

4. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume

This is one of my favourite perfumes of all time, and I remember wanting it for years before I was able to purchase it. It’s probably the most expensive perfume I own. I purchased a rollerball of it from Sephora in America, but then a 50ml bottle in Australia at Priceline during their 40% off perfumes a few years ago. So far,  I have never gotten sick of this fragrance, and I still have half the bottle left! I just leave the rollerball in my handbag.

5. Kikki K Stepfile and Folders

I have a boring black step file at work, I really want to spray paint it gold or copper one weekend I think! In the meantime, I’m dying for one of these! They are often sold out across all Kikki K stores so you’ll have to keep an eye out. The Kikki K step files are quite reasonably priced, at $16.99 which is the same price my boring black one was from the stationery supplier. These are way better than binders in my opinion as you can see all your folders at once and just “grab and go”. Personally, I don’t keep much paper around for my blog, as I prefer to keep things electronic and saved to the “cloud”. My work is obsessed with paper though, and printing everything, unfortunately.

6. Black Leather Handbag

This particular one is just a Kate Spade I have my eyes on, but any structured leather bag will do the job! I have a gorgeous one from Fossil but I also love the Michael Kors bags. A structured leather bag won’t fall over, trip anyone up and are usually a soft leather that is extremely durable.

7. Fluffy Kmart Rug

These rugs from Kmart are extremely cheap at only $19 each, and come in grey, pink and white. I have the blush pink and white ones, but not this grey. I use them as decoration, photo backgrounds and chair covers. It is much cheaper to purchase them at Kmart than Ikea where the same white rug is $70 or so.

8.VITTSJÖ Ikea Shelving Unit

I love the look of this shelving unit and I dream about being able to spray paint it gold like so many tutorials and blog posts I have seen on it. I think it is the perfect, grown-up version of the Expedit/Kallax drawers for storage and decoration in an office or living space. You can get it in the double or single variety, so I’m unsure currently if I’ll buy it in both or just the double. It will depend on the size of my future office as there is just no way it will fit in the tiny room I am in now.

9. Kikki K Cloth Magazine Holder

These folders are perfect for holding magazines, files and general bits and bobs, especially if your desk doesn’t allow you to have room for a step file. I think the grey looks quite grown up, although the pink is quite nice as well.

10. Capture Your Style book by Amie Song

I’ve just received this book from Book Depository after wanting it for ages, for an insight into blog life from a professional! I love having coffee table books around for reading as well as for home decor and props in my photography. I’ll have to do an upcoming post on my favourites, but at the moment I am really into style so most are related to that.

11. HM Home Mirror with tray

I love smaller moveable mirrors, mostly because I am short-sighted and blind as a bat, so larger mirrors on my vanity are a bit useless for me! This mirror has a small tray where you could store your Beauty Blender or jewellery.

12. Ikea TYSNES Table Mirror

You’ve probably seen this mirror in hundreds of beauty room photos, and for a good reason, this mirror is large and sturdy! The mirror is moveable and not too heavy, and will match any decor because it has no frame or frills.

13. Muji 5 Drawer

I coveted Muji drawers for years before my sister in law brought me a two drawer set over from Singapore last December! Muji drawers are really sturdy acrylic plastic which is extremely popular in the beauty world. Unfortunately, Muji is really difficult to get to in Australia, as there are only a couple of stores and they’re only in Melbourne and Sydney. For a Brisbanite like myself, not having an online store is the worst! I visited the store in Singapore last year but didn’t have enough luggage space to bring one home. The five drawer set are great for thin makeup like lip products or compacts, but not for foundations and larger items. This is why I have the two drawers, so it is a bit wider.

14. Ikea Alex Desk

This is the desk that I recommend to beauty aficionado now as it’s long and the drawers actually pull all the way out. In my actual beauty room, I have the Malm vanity like most bloggers and the smallest Micke desk as my desk. I think in my next house I might just get this instead as I could fit everything in it and have a bit more room. A friend of mine got one before I got my Malm but I just had my heart set on the Malm. I do love the Malm vanity, but since the drawer only pulls out halfway, it’s a bit silly!

15. Brandon Dining Room chair from Freedom Furniture

This is my actual chair that I have in my office at home. Since my room is so tiny (2.5m x 2.5m), I just have the one chair and move it across the room (about 1 metre of space!) between my vanity and desk. I love this chair, and I’ve had it about three years. It’s so comfy and I wish I could replace all of our dining chairs with these, but at $89 a pop, it’s probably not going to happen.

16. Apple Macbook

I’ve had my Macbook for over four years now (it’s the 2012 model with a disk drive – can you imagine?!), and can’t imagine moving to any other type of computer. Adobe products run so smoothly on it, so if you use Photoshop and InDesign like I do for my blog, then it’s a worthy investment. Other pros include superb battery life (About 8 hours of consecutive web use), lightweight for travel, and you can run Windows on it if you ‘boot camp’ your Macbook.

What are your beauty room essentials?


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