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Holy Grail Makeup Items | Maddie's Beauty Spot

I’ve seen so many Holy Grail Instagram and Blog Posts, so I decided to jump in and do my own! My Holy Grail items are all “high end”, I really struggle with drugstore products, in the way that I find the quality and longevity is often not there. A favourite drugstore brand I do love though is Maybelline, I love their Velvet Lip Pencils, and their mascaras. I’ve found that apart from Benefit, they’re some of the best mascaras in the market in my opinion.

Read on to hear about my Holy Grail items:

My Urban Decay Naked One palette is my favourite eyeshadow palette of all that I own, and of all that UD make. I find because I have neutral to warm toned skin, the colours in this palette appeal to me most, and get the most use! I had never splurged on eyeshadows until I met UD. I treated myself to these when they came out in Australia a month ago, as a reward for consistently applying for jobs since I’ve finished uni, until I got one! Treat yo self gals! I find UD so buttery and long wearing, and can honestly see the complete the difference in the quality, compared to previous eyeshadow duos and small palette’s I’ve bought over the years. Half-Baked is my favourite shade in this palette, thank goodness it’s in the Naked Two palette as well!

Urban Decay Naked One Palette

My next Holy Grail item is my foundation, the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in “Desert Beige”. I tried this foundation first when I was a teenager, finding that it was the only foundation that mattified my skin, in contrast to the Covergirl foundation I used previous to this which was oily as anything and barely stayed on past lunch time each day! I stopped using it for awhile after this as I just found it too heavy for my purpose, which was to wear to school and on weekends, and to be honest, I really forgot about it until recently when I picked up the shade “Desert Beige”.

Being in my early 20’s, my skin has matured a fair bit, and my needs have changed. I’m now ok with a more full coverage foundation as I find I tend to only have breakouts when I’m hormonal, not on an everyday basis. This foundation is very easy to apply way too much and it definitely took me awhile to get used to its liquid to powder-like coverage but now I find it so easy to work with. I find that this foundation honestly looks the same in the evening as it does in the morning for me.

estee lauder double wear desert beige

Benefit’s They’re Real mascara is my all time favourite, I’ve used it since it first came out, and Benefit offered a free sample when you traded in your old mascara of any brand. I really like this concept as it makes me feel as though Benefit believe in their own mascara so much they’re willing to bet on it. This mascara is great for volume, and hold a curl really well when my eyelashes are curled. The only problem I have with They’re Real is that it’s so difficult to remove. Often this works in my favour, as it means I have to apply less each day.

benefit they're real

My Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish powder in G1 was an impulse buy in 2013 for a university ball, and I’ve only just repurchased it! It gives a great light finish but mattifies my skin for photography, as I can be a bit on the shiny side being an oily skin type! I don’t really use the sponge as I find it sometimes applies too much, and I tend to use my Real Techniques powder brush as it gives a light finish. I use this almost every day and it took 18 months to run out! Crazy stuff! The compact on this one is stunning, the only thing I don’t like is that underneath the sponge the compact has an open vent type of packaging, which, when the product is broken up at the end of use, it all tends to spill out.

napoleon perdis final openBenefit’s Hoola bronzer, this one’s a new addition to my collection. I love that it’s a great everyday bronzer, but, given that it is grey toned, I can also use it as a contour shade! I dislike the box however, it’s difficult to get a lot of other brushes in there apart from the brush that comes with it, which is not the best quality but usable. I mainly use that for contouring, rather than bronzing. This is an internet favourite bronzer for a reason! I love that it doesn’t contain much/any sparkle, perfect for everyday wear.

2015-04-25 11.34.34


Another recent addition to my makeup collection, is my NARS Laguna/Orgasm duo. I was really looking for a decent blush to add to my collection, and I’d also always wanted to try the Laguna Bronzer, this duo fit all my criteria! I’d read a lot on blogs about the Orgasm blush, and it’s supposedly the “one size fits all” kind of blush. My first thought was ‘Holy Pigmented!” as I used my blush brush dipped in and proceeded to splash it right on my face! A bit too pink at first but incredibly blendable, so easy to fix that mistake and spread the colour up my cheekbone! Overall, I love this duo palette, because I get the best of both worlds, and it’s going to be great for any travel I do, being a thin rubber palette.

The last of the Holy Grail favourites are two of my favourite MAC lipsticks: Ruby Woo, and Velvet Teddy. Ruby Woo is the perfect red for me, being a blue based red. I don’t like the Retro Matte formula that much, as it’s pretty damn drying! Like, if you want to reapply after eating, it just becomes flaky and patchy as can be. I much prefer just the Matte formula, which brings me to Velvet Teddy, a Matte finish. Velvet Teddy is one of those great nude’s which tones down your look but also makes you look polished. It’s apparently the “Kylie Jenner’ shade, which happened to be the trend when I was first looking at lipsticks so of course, it was added to my collection! I find it the perfect work colour for the corporate setting I work in.

Velvet Teddy and Ruby Woo Lipsticks

If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations!! I have been trying to simplify my makeup routine lately, as to get more sleep instead, wouldn’t that be the dream! Let me know your Holy Grail products in the comments!