New Years Beauty Resolutions

New Years Beauty Resolutions // Maddie's Beauty Spot

I’ve always loved the New Year, because I love feeling like it’s a fresh start. I love making resolutions and I thought I’d share my Beauty ones with you guys.

Protecting my skin:

I have always worn sunscreen when doing a predominantly outdoor activity like a theme park, or holiday etc, but I’m not so great at remembering to apply sunscreen if I’m just out and about. We’re going on holiday next week to Singapore and I saw this little roll on sunscreen at the supermarket the other day and thought it would be perfect for what I need travelling! I’m aim to carry the habit to wear sunscreen every day at work, although I always sit in the shade at lunch in the park, walking there can be a different story!

Wearing more lipstick and lip products:

I think this one comes down to laziness, since I have soooo many beautiful products and colours, but yet I have gotten out of the habit of wearing them. I think it stems from needing to reapply and not always being able to, such as when I’m at work. I hope to change this because I feel like wearing a great colour on your lips really brightens up your look, and makes you more put together.

Learning how to perfect my winged eyeliner:

This one should be an easy one, since I have been practicing a lot lately. My winged eyeliner crush is definitely Suzie from Hello October as her’s always looks amazing. I tend to only wear liner at night but I’m aiming to change this habit, since Suzie always looks stunning. My current eyeliners are Maybelline’s Master Precise and Hyper Sharp.

Look after my nails:

I have had it on my New Years Resolutions for as long as I can remember, since I have bitten them since aged two. I decided a few weeks ago, why put it off another few weeks, so I decided to stop biting and haven’t in three weeks now! I have been painting them to stop myself, and treated myself to some new Essie colours. Leave your Essie favourites below, I want to keep collecting!

Washing my brushes more often:

I generally am quite good and wash them almost every weekend, but the last few months I have slipped up and become a bit lazy. I really need to get in the habit of this every Sunday so they are dry for Monday. Especially when it comes to my Beauty Blender cause they’re expensive! I love to clean my brushes with the mini soaps you get in hotels, and my Sigma cleaning mat. Would you like to see a brush and sponge cleaning post in the future?

Taking care of my skin more:

I would like to do a post in the future on Face Masks suited to my skin type (Combination), and really get into using them more often. I would also like to take more baths now that we finally have one in our new house. I have become quite the Lush collector, especially after Boxing Day, and need to start using them up!

What are your Beauty Resolutions?


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