November Favourites!

November Favourites Makeup Beauty 2015

November Favourites Makeup Beauty 2015

What a month it has been! Welcome to my November Favourites. You may have noticed I have been MIA the last month, that’s because we moved house and in the process didn’t have internet for around 32 days! Painful much?! I spend so much on mobile data just living through my phone that I didn’t want to increase the hassle of more data just to blog. I only have 10 days left of work for the year then I have a few weeks off and I’m really looking forward to amping up my blog!

On to the favourites of the month! I have legitimately bought so much makeup in the last six weeks or so it’s a bit ridiculous. I have put myself on a spending ban unless I absolutely need it (hint: I don’t!), however the closest thing I will finish is my moisturiser and I have others I can use up in the mean time.

My first favourite, you may remember I listed in on my Christmas Gift Wishlist as not being likely to get a chance to pick up, it’s the Tarte “Bling It On” Palette. My lovely friend Hannah picked it up for me in Hawaii! I absolutely love this blush formula, it stays on all day. The only colour I haven’t been using is the shade “Beaming” (far right shade) which is shimmery, whereas the other colours are matte which I love. My favourite shade is “Fetching” which is the far left shade.

I picked up my first Jeffree Star Cosmetics item last week to see what all the fuss was about. I picked up “Redrum” which is the perfect red in that it brightens my teeth and stays on all day. I tested this out at work last week and it seriously lasted through work and I only had to touch up my bottom lip after lunch. It layers well as feels like nothing on your lips! Still treat your lips like you would before any liquid lipstick e.g. Exfoliate and use lip balm. “Redrum” layers well when you need to touch up and in general looks like you’ve just put it on. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this formula!

Too Faced Melted mini lipstick in “Fig” is also a new fave, since I picked it up at the start of  November in the Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks Holiday gift set. This shade and the matching blush in “Your Love is King” were a big part of the reason why I purchased it. I think for my skintone they are the most wearable, as the “Nude” colour Melted doesn’t really suit me so I will need to mix it with something. All the blushes are wonderful and a great way to try out colours in the mini size. A good lip liner for the shade “Fig” is the Essence in “Satin Mauve” if case you were wondering!

I went on a bit of a Maybelline spend up at the Priceline 40% off sale a few weeks ago picking up: Maybelline Brow Satin in Dark Brown; Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in “Fair 10”; Maybelline Hyper Sharp liner, among other things.

I have been using the Brow Satin everyday, and to be honest, I don’t even think I’m using it right! I’m using the crayon side to fill in my brows, and the sponge side to smudge it all in, before going over them with a clear brow gel (I use Essence Clear Brow Mascara). Let me know how you use it?

The Fit Me Concealer is a fantastic dupe for my Nars Concealer in “Custard” which is lucky, since I am almost out! It is more creamy, but is a great colour dupe. I just need to set it more than I have been. I really love the sponge applicator, as it’s so easy to dab under my eyes, and there’s no wastage (cough, MAC Pro Longwear, cough)

The Hyper Sharp liner is a new one I went back for on the second day, after buying two of my long time favourite “Master Precise”. I have heard great things about this one, and it does do pretty well! I think I need to practice with it a bit more to try out the different size brush to fully utilise the wing aspect.

Lastly, my candle November favourite of the month is my Glasshouse mini in “Tahaa” which is currently burning next to me as I write! This candle is the scent you smell at Peter Alexander, and I have always loved it. This is my second mini of it! I went in to buy a large size but ended up buying the “Favourites set” with the coconut and lime scent, and the pomegranate scent as well.

Well, this has been a lengthy November favourites! I hope I never have to take a break like this again ha. I have forgotten how to do half of my blogging routine so hopefully I’ll get back in the swing of it.

What are your favourites this month?



  • I always love your favourites!!! So many great picks! I have the Tarte Blush Palette from their collection last year and I love it! They have the best formula. I’m keen to try the Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Fig now too. That looks like a gorgeous shade. I have bought way too much makeup for myself over the past few months as well but it’s so hard resisting all the cute Christmas packs! Next year I am going to put some money away just for Christmas to buy all the sets so I can be prepared, hahaha.

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    • Thanks Sarah! I wish I had picked it up last year, so I wasn’t going to let it get by this year haha
      Definitely should put more money aside for the Christmas collections! My next buy will be a desk to put it all in for Christmas 😀
      Fig is beautiful – I have gotten heaps of compliments the days I’ve worn it.

  • That Tarte Blush palette, eek! Really want to pick it up! I actually own 0 from tarte so I feel like it is the bessssssst way to start x

    Katina |

    • So lovely! I also own Tartelette, but I know it won’t be the last thing I purchase from Tarte! You’re so lucky to have Sephora in Melbourne now – I literally was there on holiday the week before it opened. What luck!

  • Great picks! I need to try the Tarte palette, been seeing it everywhere!

  • The blush palette is so pretty! I love Tarte’s products.

    Thirteen Thoughts

  • I couldn’t resist the Tarte blush palette that I had to go into Sephora Melbourne to get it lol (but I waited several days after it opened – can’t be bothered with the long lines haha). This is the 2nd blush palette I own from Tarte & I am pleased to say that I loved them. The palette allows me to try the blushes without buying it individually & their packaging is to die for. Don’t you think so, Maddie?
    I have few faves for this months but I have to say Lipstick Queen in Coral Sinner is one of my favourites 🙂 xx

    Hana | Bold-Expression

    • I’m loving them! The quality is by far the best I have tried, they just last all day on me 🙂
      I will have to look at that Lipstick Quuen shade!

  • Welcome back! I really am enjoying the Tarte blush palette too. Great faves! x

    Daniela |

    • Thanks lovely! So glad to be back!
      Now I can catch up on everyone’s posts without feeling guilty for overusing my mobile data