Over the long weekend, an Instagrammer I follow, @ozproductjunkie, started a challenge which I thought was a lot more achievable than than the usual 30 day challenges you tend you see on Instagram.

Easter challenge

The first challenge as you can see was my Base – Foundations, Concealers and Primers.

I recently picked up the Two Faced Poreless primer and I’m pretty happy with it as it has a silicone gel feel to it, which makes my makeup stay on longer than the previous one I was using (NP Set – Green) for only a few more dollars, the quality is astounding!
I bought an eye shadow primer from Sephora whilst I was in the US for around $10USD I think, I couldn’t decide first between the Urban Decay ones but decided they were too expensive. Now I just received plenty of samples of all of the UD ones to try out from my Naked Palettes then I may purchase eventually.

I use my new Estee Lauder Double Wear full foundation in Desert Beige, which was one of the first foundations I ever used, in my teenage years, however being a teenager I had terrible acne and felt it just accentuated it. Now, however, it looks amazing on my skin and is quickly becoming a Holy Grail!
I previously used my Mac Studio Fix Foundation in NW18 (starts orange on me but quickly settles), however I find it can go a bit oily, but overall I’m happy with it. I used to use a Lancome Teint Renergie Lift foundation my mum bought but was too dark for her that had a gorgeous velvety finish but alas, far too expensive for me.

Napoleon Perdis’ Camera Finish
in G1 is my Holy Grail of powders, I bought it for a university ball to eliminate shine and I was so impressed it matched my skin tone to be a perfect tan colour (When I use the sponge for extra coverage), and makes my face look perfect for flash photography. I generally wear this everyday and so far it’s lasted me almost 18 months, I only bought a replacement last week!
I recently picked up the Australis Fresh and Flawless powder in Natural, however I haven’t used it much yet so I can’t give an opinion either way. This one has been raved about by so many Youtubers as their favourite so I’m eager to give it a go! I’d probably prefer to take this one out with me as it’s much cheaper than my Napoleon one if I were to lose it!!

I predominantly use Mac’s Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20  which I repurchased in New York, with my Studio Fix foundation because in America, Mac is so cheap they’re practically giving it away in comparison with Australia ha! I love this one, and it’s many people’s holy grail for a reason! It lasts ages, however the packaging is downright crappy. The pump squeezes out about 4 times as much as you need, I solved this though by seeing a few girls on Instagram put a few pumps into a small sample container then use that for as long as necessary. This has saved me so much concealer and ensures I’m not using too much either, as I’m just dipping my brush into the container.
I recently picked up the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Light, as Priceline don’t seem to sell the brightening shade I was initially interested in. I find this concealer to be a bit greasy to be honest, but I enjoy the application. If I set my under eye with banana powder and my face with powder, the concealer seems fine, however on it’s own I don’t really recommend it.

easter challenge part1

There you go, a few Holy Grail’s, a few misses and plenty of coverage! Let me know your favourites and your regrets/misses in the comments!