Priceline 40% off Cosmetics Haul 2015!

Priceline 40% Off Haul // Maddie's Beauty SpotHere we are for my belated Priceline Haul post! A few weeks ago, 24th and 25th March, Priceline had their biannual 40% cosmetics sale, which I of course had heard rumours about and couldn’t wait to get in! I spent the few weeks before it, going in whenever I was near one and testing what I’d researched on Instagram and Blogs previously. By the time the sale came around, I had a pretty clear list of what I wanted and I actually got everything on my list, with very little extras (I’m looking at you nail polishes!!).

I also got shoe gel liners, but as they’re already in said shoes, they didn’t make the photo! I bought the Garnier Fructis strong hold in medium hairspray as I already have a super strong hold hairspray (My mum is a hairdresser and generally gets me what I want from the beauty supplier), and I was looking for something that would give reasonable hold, but not look crunchy. This has been a little disappointing in that regard, it starts off great but doesn’t hold very well after a few hours (Kind of your point hairspray!). At least it smells good!

I finally tracked down the Australis Contour palette, after a few weeks of searching, and scooped up the last one at my store! This one is known as a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette, which I’d eventually like but is tricky to get for a reasonable price in Australia. I’m happy with it so far, although I watched a lot of tutorials to get there, for example BrittneyLeeSaunder’s Youtube Clip. I mostly use the Banana shade for setting under my eyes, and the middle brown shade for contouring, I haven’t experimented with the others too much yet.

I scooped up the other three Maybelline Color Drama Velvet Lip pencils (Previously reviewed here) “Pink So Chic”, “Berry Much”, and “Love My Pink” which brings my total collection to 6 haha!

Speaking of Australis, I also picked up the Fresh and Flawless in “Natural” powder as everyone on Youtube is raving about it right now. I haven’t really seen a huge difference to my face on the day’s I’ve worn it as my regular foundation is quite Matte (Estee Lauder Double Wear), but I’ll continue to try it out. I also picked up the Finishing Spray which I’ve found doesn’t really help to make it last longer, but does help to improve the dewiness a small amount when it feels and looks caked on originally which I like.

I grabbed the Maybelline Age Rewind in “Light” as Priceline doesn’t seem to stock “Brightening” anymore. I’ve only used it twice and so far I find it to be a little greasy after a few hours, compared to my Mac Pro Longwear concealer. I’ll try using it with the banana powder of the contour kit and it might be more successful!

I also bought a Maybelline Colour Tattoo in “Barely Branded” and I have to say I’m so impressed!! I plan to buy way more of these in the future! They’re so pigmented with the smallest amount of product and they really do stay on a fair while (I didn’t test the 24 hour promise they make though, cause who has time for that?!), I’ve mostly been using them as a base on top of my primer, and under my regular eyeshadows to make them last longer.

From Essence I bought a Blush in “10 Adorable”, which I’m finding is similar to my Blush I usually use from The Body Shop in “Ginger”, but less sparkly which I like! I bought a clear eyebrow mascara which is great for when I just put powder in my eyebrows, to set it. It doesn’t seem to glue them together and still feels very natural to me. I also picked up a few of their blotting paper packets, as I’m in need of a good one to keep around for the humidity that hits Brisbane 24/7, nothing overly interesting to say about them.

I grabbed a Savvy B Blush in “Petal” as it looked like a brighter pink, for when I want a flush of pink on my cheeks. I haven’t used it much yet to be honest.

My Regrets: 

– Nail Polishes!! I think I got caught up in the moment when I purchased these ones, they’re my favourite colours in general, but on my nails….. questionable! The pink is a little too bright for me but it might get some occasional wear during winter ha! I love the plum purple and the clear gloss, and I think everyone needs a red. I generally wear a gold or nude colour I have from Natio.

– My Second regret is not getting more Maybelline Colour Tattoos as they’re stunning, and also not even looking at ANY Australis Velour Lips, because now I’ve discovered them I really want Shang-hi and Bar-tha-lona! I’ll have to keep an eye out I think for a sale somewhere else they sell them.

There you have it, my pricey Priceline haul! Everything definitely add’s up so quickly doesn’t it! Let me know what you go and any regrets you have in the comments.