Pricey or Priceline? Two Setting Sprays Reviewed

Pricey or Priceline? Setting Sprays Reviewed // Maddie's Beauty Spot

Lately, I, and many of you have been obsessed with makeup setting sprays, which I find interesting as how well can makeup really be set with a water substance. I purchased the Australis Makeup Finishing Spritz (150ml) in the Priceline 40% off sale in March, and have been using it irregularly for the past 4 or so months. I purchased MAC’s Fix+ in the mini version to try it out at the MAC store a few weeks ago and have been using it everyday, to get a good idea of a comparison between the two.

To be honest, when I first heard that makeup setting sprays existed I was intrigued, as why would anyone NOT use them if they existed?! Maybe people, like myself a few months ago, simply had not heard of them or were sceptical like myself! I took the opportunity in the Priceline 40% sale to purchase the Australis spray which I’d heard good things about for a drugstore alternative to MAC’s Fix+ as it was only $14.95 full price for 150ml, whereas MAC is $15.00 for the 30ml I purchased, or $27 for 100ml (obviously better value, but I was more curious than anything!).

After using both for a while each, I have to say I find my main use for either is to look less ‘powdery’ and slightly more ‘set’, however I don’t find that either really improves the lifespan of my makeup each day very much.

Pricey or Priceline? Setting Sprays // Maddie's Beauty Spot

Australis Finishing Spritz
Described on the Priceline site as: “A light breathable spray that can be used anywhere anytime. The mini hydration-saver-mist provides an invisible shield over theface that sets make up perfectly for that ‘big’ night out and acts as an invisible barrier against temperature and environmental changes throughout the day. Formulated simply with rose water and aloe vera to maintain moisture and soft and supple skin.”


  • Australis is cheaper per ml you plan to get ($14.95, usually on special for 30-40% off anyway)
  • Australis spray is in a more durable bottle with a lid to avoid spillage when packed away or travelling
  • Australis is more accessible, as MAC Fix+ can only be purchased from Pro Stores and Stand-alone stores (Not concession counters in Myer or David Jones), whereas Australis can be purchased in Priceline, Big W or K-mart!
  • Pleasant rosewater scent.


  • The nozzle definitely takes some getting used to, as I find a lot comes out and doesn’t distribute evenly on the face, meaning you may end up with wet ‘lumps’ of the spray on your face you can even out.
  • The bottle is huge, so may not be ideal if you plan to travel. Especially on planes as the carry-on limit is 100 ml.
  • For the reason above of getting more product than you need from the bottle, I wouldn’t classify this as a mist per say.

Pricey or Priceline? Setting Sprays // Maddie's Beauty Spot

MAC Fix+
Described on the MAC site as: “A lightweight, mineral rich finishing mist that refreshes the skin and finishes makeup. Helps create an even surface for a smooth makeup application.”


  • Can buy the bottles in the small travel-friendly size (30ml) if you intend to use it for travel or your kit
  • The nozzle is much more user friendly, being in a twist lid for security, then distributing less product, more evenly, so you don’t have to do anything to even it out.
  • It’s actually a mist!
  • No scent at all.


  • No cap for the lid, just a twist lid to avoid the spray pressing down.
  • Could accidentally twist it open to spray in your bag
  • Definitely expensive!

To sum it up, I honestly feel like I get the same result from both of these, as I’m not a makeup artist, so if you’re looking for a spray to refresh your skin (I find these do wonders on my dry skin patches especially) and your budget isn’t high – pick up the Australis spray and give it a chance, or go test it out in your local Priceline. If you’re really keen to try MAC Fix+ or you’re one of those people that can tell the difference, go for it! Especially if you’re someone who mainly buys high end makeup for their kit.

If you’re looking for an actual setting spray however, do yourself a favour and check out the Urban Decay All-Nighter setting spray which I tried out at Mecca recently and was pretty impressed! It’s not a watery mist, just a mist which sets instantly and your makeup doesn’t move for 16 hours (though I don’t wear mine this long so couldn’t tell you exactly, but I do around 12-13 hours).

Pricey or Priceline? Setting Sprays // Maddie's Beauty Spot