Pricey vs. Priceline: Concealer Battle

Battle of the Concealer: Maybelline Fit Me vs Nars Creamy Radiant

L-R Nars Custard, Maybelline Light

Last year I published a post comparing three concealers I owned (Maybelline Age Rewind, Nars Creamy Concealer, and MAC Studio Fix) which is one of my most popular posts, you can read it here. This post is regarding not only a formula dupe but also a shade dupe in my collection!

The concealers in question are Maybelline Fit Me in Light 10, and Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer in Custard. I’ll be reviewing each of the finishes, applicators, price, as well as general pros and cons.


Nars: The Nars concealer is very much on the pricey side of things, at $46(?!), with Mecca raising the prices constantly. When I first bought this concealer it was only $36 and that was April 2015, as I was debating whether to purchase it or the Urban Decay (then $35). The price is in line, however, with the USA conversion + tax in Australian Dollars.

Maybelline: This concealer is on the drugstore side of pricing at $14.95 and is available from Priceline, Target, Supermarkets and basically anywhere you typically buy regular makeup. Chemist Warehouse etc have 30-50% off quite regularly so definitely check it out then. I think the price is very reasonable.


Nars: Both concealers have a doe foot applicator, for which I can’t fault at all. I love the idea of these so you’re not wasting any product with a pump. It’s the best for personal use, although not for the use of an artist who needs to wipe the product on their hand and use a brush or sponge. The Nars concealer contains 6.5ml of product, and when it becomes too difficult to reach, you can take the stopper out. I have taken the stopper out of both of mine! It’s an extremely messy and difficult task but if you have nothing to lose (no more product in the container with the stopper vs. the opportunity to get to the rest of the product) then go for it! I used scissors the first time and tweezers the second time. While I highly recommend tweezers, use a cheap pair as they won’t work afterwards.

Maybelline: Has a doe foot applicator as well, which I like for the same reasons as the Nars applicator. The tube contains 6.8ml of product, and I imagine is the same in that the Nars concealer with the stopper removable. Personally, I think the doe foot part is actually sharper for some reason than the Nars concealer.


Nars: The finish of the Nars concealer is a velvet matte texture built to medium coverage, which is creamy on application, and then dries to a matte finish. Nars concealer can be blended with your fingers, as François Nars intendedor with a Beauty Blender which is how I generally apply it. The concealer melts into your skin.

Maybelline: This concealer takes a little longer to fully set, and I always have to wait awhile before applying powder to set it otherwise the whole undereye moves! It can be blended with your fingers, a brush, or a Beauty Blender as I do. The finish is less matte than Nars but still a very respectable medium coverage.

Shade Range

Nars: Nars has a far better shade range, covering 10 shades in Australia at Mecca stores nationally/online. This covers a variety of skin shades and undertones, ensuring everyone has a colour match. The shades are easy to understand, ranging from light to dark.

Maybelline: Maybelline has only 6 shades available in Australia, (funnily enough, they both have shades called Cafe). A confusing thing about the Maybelline concealer is the way they range the shades – for example, 15 Fair is actually lighter than 10 Light, something I didn’t know until after I purchased 10 Light. Why they have positioned it this way is beyond me, but if, like me, you swatched 10 Light and thought “I’m not even that pale, what do real pale people do?”, here is the answer! The shade range is fairly reasonable, although catering more to fair and tan ladies, rather than those with an actual different shade of skin. In most stores across the country, however, you will only find 10 Light, 15 Fair, and 20 Sand lined up to purchase due to lack of space.



  • Great finish
  • More extensive shade range
  • Doe foot applicator


  • Doe foot applicator
  • Price Point
  • More product in the packaging


  • Less easily accessible as only available in Mecca stores or online with a $75 minimum purchase for free shipping
  • High price point
  • Only 6.5 ml of product, which isn’t much for a concealer.


  • Lesser shade range

Overall, I do enjoy my Nars concealer more, for the shade range and finish among other things. I do really enjoy my Maybelline one, however, and if I were in need of a concealer but wasn’t already obsessed with Nars – it would definitely be my go-to. As it stands, I recommend Maybelline to anyone on a budget, and I hope this comparison gave some clarity to those of you trying to decide.


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  • Chantalle

    Great review! I do love the NARS concealer but like you said it is a bit pricey for what it is! I generally use the Maybelline one for day to day, but I’m also finding that I like the Urban Decay one much more lately! I also heard that the Too Faced one is quite good as well!

    Chantalle |

    • I need to try to Urban Decay one again! I bought it in the wrong shade so I sold it. I took the stopper out of my NARS concealer so it lasts longer.

  • Charlotta Eve

    I loooove the NARS one and don’t think I can ever let go of it 😀 ! I’ve tried the Maybelline one but it’s just not the same not even close I think. I always take the stopper off on my NARS concealer and that way it lasts again for about two weeks. I think it’s worth the money <3

    Great post!

    xx Charlotta /

    • I took the stopper off both of my NARS concealer’s as well. I think you need so little that it’s worth the money as well. Since I can’t take the NARS concealer’s anywhere anymore, it’s good to have the Maybelline concealer 🙂

  • I love my Maybelline concealor. For a few dollars it does what it should and I can’t complain yet 🙂 Trangles xoxo

  • I haven’t actually tried the Maybelline concealer but I do own the Nars one which I am obsessed with. Great review! Perhaps when I need a new concealer I may give the Maybelline one a whirl if I want to save a few dollars. Holly x