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The Ride Or Die Tag | Maddie's Beauty Spot

First off, thank you, Sarah, from Bows & Pleats for tagging me to complete this post! I’m not much of a fan of Jaclyn but I love seeing everyone’s most favourite products. A “ride or die product” is one which you could see yourself using all the time as your only product for that category.

The Ride Or Die Tag | Maddie's Beauty Spot

Primer (face and eyes): My favourite face primer is the Hourglass No.28 Primer Serum. I don’t understand at all why it’s not spoken about more! I love that it moisturises my face as well as providing a glow to my skin underneath my foundation – and also managing to keep foundation on my face! I don’t have a favourite eye primer, but the main one I use and am trying to use up is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Eyeshadow: Oooh this is so tricky! I’m going to say that my favourite eyeshadow palette is the Naked One palette. Strange, but true! I don’t think it has the best pigmentation but I like the layout of the colours and I tend to reach for it the most of any of my palettes. The colour stays on quite well when primed, and I just really like the colours the palette includes. It’s the perfect palette for me – I literally use 10/12 shades (not the blues). My runner up would be the Too Faced Semi-Sweet palette as that has great pigmentation but I don’t use half the colours.

Mascara: My favourite mascara and the one I reach for almost every day is the Estee Lauder Scrumptious which I rave about all the time on here. I hardly ever use anything else! I like this one because it gives volume, nothing keeps the curl in my lashes. A runner up for me would be the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara.

Eyeliner: My favourite eyeliner by far is the Maybelline Master Precise. I honestly don’t use pencil eyeliner although I have a good few half a dozen! I love that this eyeliner specifically is cheap, easy to use for beginners and very black – it doesn’t fade on me.The Maybelline Hypersharp is also a great eyeliner I’ve tried.

Eyebrows: I love my Chi Chi Brow Pomade for eyebrows. I’ve had it for a good year and I’m not even halfway through! I also love Benefit’s Gimmie Brow which I buy one a year and it seems to last that long, given that I don’t use it every day as I do my pomade.

The Ride Or Die Tag | Maddie's Beauty Spot

Foundation: For  foundation, my number one flawless foundation is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (I wear the shade Cool Bone) which I’ve been raving about for yonks! It really does give flawless coverage of my skin, although it definitely drys it out. Dry skinned girls, beware! Double Wear stays on my skin perfectly all day long (at least the 15 or so hours). It is most suited to oily skin but with combination skin I can get away with it.

Concealer: My long time favourite concealer is NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla! It sits really well under the eyes which is the only place I use it. I like the range of shades, and that the applicator is doe foot. To get the most out of this concealer you really need to take the stopper off and never lay your concealer tube flat again! I would highly recommend this over others like Urban Decay – although I am keen to try that in the correct shade one day.

The Ride Or Die Tag | Maddie's Beauty Spot

Blush: My ultimate ride or die blush is the Hourglass Mood Exposure (can I say the whole palette – seeing as it’s here?!). Mood exposure gives a really radiant glow, and a fantastic rosy colour that’s not too pink. Many people including my own sister think that this blush is purple because of the colour – but that’s so not the case! I don’t even wear highlighter if I wear this because it already has the right amount of shimmer. I would highly recommend this also.

Highlighter: I love all of my highlighters but my absolute ride or die is MAC Soft and Gentle. I love the bronze shade and it has the right amount of shimmer. Lately, I have also been loving NARS Albatross which is simply stunning! But, I feel like Soft and Gentle suits more occasions. I also feel like you get a lot more product for the same price as many more high-end highlighters, though I’ll have to confirm that.

Bronzer: This was a real tie between Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil and Benefit Hoola! I love this mini size and find that this is lighter and therefore suits my fair complexion a bit better. I tend to use Hoola more for contour but Too Faced’s for bronzing. I received this mini in a Mecca Beauty Loop about a year ago! I’ve not tried any other bronzers from the line, but luckily this light shade is life to me!

The Ride Or Die Tag | Maddie's Beauty Spot

Spray: My favourite spritz to wear every day to soften my makeup into my skin is Australis Finishing Spritz, as it works to melt my makeup into my skin and keep it looking flawless. I know it’s just scented water… but I paid less than $10 for it so I’m ok wth it! For actual longevity, I like Urban Decay All Nighter spray. It first feels like a mist, then hardens on my skin. A downside to this is that it definitely breaks me out, and also makes makeup really difficult to remove when I actually go to remove it.

Lips: I don’t remember to wear often enough, but my MAC lipsticks are definitely the base of my collection! The range of formulas are second to none with everything from mattes to lustres (sheer and moisturising lipsticks)

The Ride Or Die Tag | Maddie's Beauty Spot

Thank you, Sarah, for tagging me! To read Sarah’s post, click here.

What are your ‘ride or dies’?


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