Shop and Box USA Haul – Skincare and Makeup!

Shop and Box Haul from the USA | Maddie's Beauty Spot

I received this haul a few months ago and took photos – but I realised I never actually posted about it! Now that I’ve tried a few products, I feel like it’s an ideal time to give you a little review.

Shop And Box details for your own haul

I’ve used Shop and Box once before and you can find that post here with all the details. Basically, you put a ‘wishlist’ together on the Shop and Box website and are assigned a ‘boxer’ who purchases your items (either in person or online). Once they have your items, they ship them to you!  It adds up quickly because you also need to pay a 14% fee for the ‘boxer’ to purchase and ship your items but overall I’ve been very happy with it. It’s basically the main way to purchase from Sephora USA as they don’t allow actual shipping forwarders where they just relabel your items and ship them to you, but these are just regular addresses so it’s fine.

On to the haul…

Shop and Box Haul from the USA | Maddie's Beauty Spot

The main reason I wanted to put through an order was to get my hands on the Origins value packs. I initially reached out to Mecca Maxima and asked if they’d be stocking them, but sadly the answer was no. I had always wanted to try the masks and even the mini 50ml masks are $26 in Australia, whereas these 30ml versions came in a pack of three plus a mask prep spray for $25USD! I feel they’re a great way to try out the masks and I know I’ll be picking up full sizes when I eventually run out.

The “Prep and Mask” set included:

Shop and Box Haul from the USA | Maddie's Beauty Spot

Whilst I was looking at the Origins gift packs, I noticed there was another range which had the retexturizing mask and serum, as well as the GinZing range both of which I had wanted to try. This pack was only $23USD. I’ve only tried the retexturizing mask from this set but I LOVE it. I can’t wait to try the rest of the pack. I think I’ll be putting in an annual order to stock up on value packs for skincare from now on at Christmas time.

The “Glow So Nice” set included:

I also decided to purchase a new Beauty Blender as my cheeky puppy has merrily chewed through 2-3 of these (it’s happened so often I honestly can’t remember), one of which was on Christmas Day! I haven’t pulled this one out as I’m trying to use my very old Beauty Blender Pro until it literally falls apart as Ruby hasn’t decided to eat it (she seems to have a thing for the pink ones…).

Shop and Box Haul from the USA | Maddie's Beauty Spot

When my ‘boxer’ prompted me to add anything else to the cart as I still had plenty of room in my 500g box, I decided to add the Tarte ‘Exposed’ highlight* after seeing Daniela from Miss New Beauty rave about it. I haven’t been disappointed, and at dinner, before the recent Priceline event, six or seven of us were all giving it a try as I’d brought it along to touch up with. Absolutely stunning, and gives a great glow rather than a straight up shimmer.

Lastly, I decided that after trying out the MAC Pro Palette in double sided last year, it just hadn’t worked for me and I’d sold it. I picked up a single sided palette because I just feel like that will suit my needs more, but I haven’t put any of my initial MAC and Makeup Geek shades in it yet, they’re all still in a Z palette and I’m waiting to find the inspiration to create my dream palette at the moment. I’ll have it empty until then. I almost exclusively purchase MAC from the USA as it has a ridiculous markup here!

I absolutely love everything on my haul, and I felt like a kid on Christmas Day when I opened up my special treats – I have really restrained myself over the last year and I can easily say that I’ve spent less than a third on beauty treats in 2016 than 2015, which is great for our buying-a-house savings account!

Do you see any favourites here?

* Products marked include affiliate links. All items were purchased.
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  • Bernadette

    That origins gift set looks like an awesome way to try many of their products. Although i was late on the bandwagon i love the beauty blender so much!

    • Yes because the sample sizes you get at stores are never enough to really know. The beauty blender is awesome, even my dog would agree (she’s eaten three)!

      • Bernadette

        I make sure to keep all my beauty stuff far far away from my dog haha

  • LOVE the look of the sets! I wish we had more gift-y sets available here year around like they do in the states!!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    • Me too!! Happy to support Australian retailers but they just don’t get the value packs. It’s definitely disappointing.

  • I totally agree with the MAC mark up. The big Pro Palettes are particularly ridiculous. $45 AUD for a single pro palette with the 15 shadow insert vs $11 USD. Are you kidding me?

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

  • Laura Tough

    Wow! This is so good, I’ve always wanted to shop at sephora US, damn them not shipping here! I love the Origins sets, they’re fantastic! That Tarte compact is gorgeous too!

    Laura ||

  • You picked up some great items! I think Sephora US do amazing sets!

  • Dianne Childs

    I’d love to try either of the Origins set, as I have the Origins GinZing eye cream and love it!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  • I would’ve thought the highlighter would be to yellow or gold. I must give it a try!!
    As always, love your posts xx

    Bella |

  • Shannon

    Awesome haul! I can’t believe what a steal those masks were! You gotta let me in on your finds like that! I love the Origins Drink Up face mask… I would say it is in my top 5! I would love to hear more about what you think of the ‘Glow so Nice’ gift set!

    Shannon x.

    • I’ll share them next time! I originally wanted to get some for secret Santa but they weren’t going to get here in time – that is what started the haul though!

      I’ve only tried the Retexturising Mask from the “Glow so nice” set and it’s amazing.

  • The Origins “Prep and Mask” set looks AMAZING!

    Rochelle ||

  • Loveyourwardrobe

    Arggh, there’s so many times I’ve looked at something and fallen head over heels to find they only ship in the US…what a great idea this is!

    • Definitely! This is the fourth time I’ve used one, third for makeup! Most of the time it’s cheaper here (except for MAC) but I mainly use it for items I can’t get here.

  • How did you go with the Origins products? I’ve never tried the brand but it’s heard lots about it.

    Bec | Beauty With Bec