Six Things I Do To Relax

Six Things I Do To Relax // Maddie's Beauty Spot

After a long day at work, I just want to relax at home with my family. There are a few things I enjoy doing in the evenings and on the weekend to wind down for a new day refreshed at work. Unsurprisingly blogging and social media make an appearance!

LUSH Baths

I love having a bubble bath with a LUSH bubble bar or a bath bomb at the end of the day before bed, often with one of my favourite candles (Tahaa from Glasshouse is my current fave!). I’ll set my iPad up on the washing basket, and put on my playlist of “Watch Later” YouTube videos until the water goes cold, or I have to go to bed… whichever comes first! My favourite bubble bar at the moment is the”Comforter“, and my favourite bath bombs vary depending on the day! I have a few “Intergalactic” bath bombs to work through at the moment, let me know if you’ve tried and l0ved it!

Instagram and Pinterest

Visual social media platforms are my absolute favourite to use and without a doubt, Instagram and Pinterest fit the bill perfectly! I love Instagram to see ‘real’ people going about their lives and for real beauty and interior inspiration. I love Pinterest for less than realistic beauty, fashion, interior, blogging, and food inspiration. Do you have Pinterest? Leave me your link in the comments and I’ll follow you back!

Reading Blogs

Of course, how could this not be on the list?! I predominantly use Bloglovin’ to keep up to date with blogs, I am not likely to click over to a blog from Instagram unless it is the first time I’m seeing it. I have my Bloglovin’ separated into multiple “groups” such as Fashion, Blogging, Australian Beauty and Always Read (Every other country’s Beauty Blogs). I enjoy having Australian Beauty Blogs in a separate group as I always work my way through those first, and I’m more likely to leave comments on blogs where I ‘know’ the blogger. I still, of course, leave comments on international blogs, but less often. Do you have a similar tactic to keeping up with blogs? I find this way I can manage my limited spare time I have to read blogs more regularly.

Catching Up On My Favourite Shows

There’s not a whole lot I am watching at the moment, but The Bachelor Australia is one of them! I don’t know why, but I absolutely love the drama. The girls don’t feel like real people to me, and I tend to eat up the drama and gossip online like there’s no tomorrow. Guilty pleasure I guess… I’m also watching Pretty Little Liars, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, New Girl, Game of Thrones, Modern Family and David Attenborough at the moment to relax.

Baking Treats

I’ve always enjoyed baking, but not done it often until I purchased the Tanya Bakes cookbook by YouTuber, Tanya Burr. Although it’s not super well written (it has a lot of grammatical issues, as well as unclear instructions), I have been enjoying creating one item at the time as I work my way through the book. With a bit of tweaking, the recipes should improve. At the moment I’ve made the pancakes, salted caramel brownies and millionaires shortbread. Have you got this cookbook? What have you made from it so far? I’m dying to make the salted caramel cheesecake soon!

Taking Ruby to the Dog Park

Ruby has taken awhile to warm up to the idea of the dog park and she’s still very timid around more than two dogs at a time but improving heaps! Our local dog park has a small dogs section as well as a big dog section, and although Ruby is a little larger than the small dogs, she’s far too small for the big dog park. The familiarity of dogs there has definitely improved her a lot over the past few weeks and I’m sure she’ll make more friends the more we can get there (weekends mostly).

What do you do to relax?


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