What’s the Subscription Box Worth?

What's the Subscription Box Worth? // Maddie's Beauty Spot

I have never been a beauty subscription box person, I’ve not been interested in subscribing to either affiliate boxes or boxes like BellaBox, however, I signed up to Marie Claire “The Parcel” in Summer when I saw their great offering for only $25 a quarter. I prefer the idea of a quarterly box, as I feel like you generally get better products, and it’s also not so draining on the bank account!

You can find my Summer review here, and my Autumn review here.

What's the Subscription Box Worth? // Maddie's Beauty Spot

First up, in this box you get:

Total value: $79.87

Overall, well over the $25 investment the box costs, however much less than the Summer box which was valued at over $140, and the Autumn box which was $123+. Not really any exciting products in this one for me, except for the Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm and the MOR hand cream. I will definitely use all of/try out all the products, but I agree with some of the reviews that have said there weren’t that many makeup products this season which is disappointing.

I rate this box higher than the Autumn box but lower than the Summer box. Can’t wait to get stuck into the products. I still think it’s the best subscription box on the market in Australia, where we are unable to gain access to many boxes.

You can sign up to buy this season’s plus future boxes here.

Did you get this season’s box? Are you subscribed to any boxes?


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